What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?

Interesting selections. I appreciate they provide links to listen to portions of each song.

New track from LP due in February

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Thanks for sharing. Many I like, especially love Uptown Funk. I will revisit all.

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This guy is fun!

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For King & Country: “Little Drummer Boy”

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Sheryl Crow, Tiny Desk Concert, posted to NPR’s website on Dec. 3, 2019 (35 minutes).


“All I Wanna Do”
“A Change Would Do You Good”
“Prove You Wrong”
“Tell Me When It’s Over”
“Cross Creek Road”
“Out Of Our Heads”
“If It Makes You Happy”

Sheryl Crow: vocals, guitar, keys; Peter Stroud: guitar; Frederick Eltringham: drums; Robert Kearns: bass; Jen Gunderman: keys; Audley Freed: guitar; Joshua Grange: pedal steel.

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I like it! Here’s my favorite.


Ha! To each his own.


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Music by Grateful Dead

LEDs and drones - we did not have in the late 80s while I was living and working at Snowbird, UT


No music per se but lots of ‘oh yeah!’ moments
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Sturgill Simpson’s latest album Sound and Fury,
Tripped over it by accident when the animated Manga movie for it popped up on my Netflix feed.
Whole albums great.

Double Bass Quintent: Pink Panther Theme

Very clever.