What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?

Not the best video - too much walking and talking while waving a selfie stick around, but for Neil Young fans, an interesting peek at the two rooms in his Topanga Canyon house where After the Gold Rush was recorded.

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Came across this some time ago. I found it strangely interesting to view the interactions between Neil, the clerk and the phone conversation with the store owner.

Neil Young goes record shopping, finds his own bootlegs (1972)

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Thanks for sharing. Great stuff.

She’s Out of My Life is one of my favorite MJ songs. A super emotional performance.

“Off the Wall” seems kind of like a lost or forgotten treasure these days – overshadowed by time and the monster album, “Thriller”.

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OK, so as a (at least at that time) hardcore Tubes fan - I’ve posted here on the subject before - and also having assumed, due to their completely crazed yet super tight theatricality and overt sexuality onstage that they were actually from their (as it turns out) Adopted city of San Francisco, this seems to me one of the best rock interviews ever.

By a bloke at a show in Brighton (or is it Bristol?)

When you see this appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test (first part live, second part video) you have to bear in mind that when Fee did White Punks on Dope in the Persona of Quay Lewd (when I saw them, with big lit up glasses like Elton spelling QUAY), that was but ONE personality/costume change in a rapid-fire show wherein he and the dancers and singers and miscellaneous performers appeared for the odd song in Completely different personas and costumes. A Show - Capital S - the Theatricality, Musicality and Precision of which - just took your head off.

Not to leave out the fact that the…seven or more piece Band that were one of the Tightest and most tightly “choreographed” rock bands…ever. They never stopped. One Show (song) just rolled into the next. And the leads and the dancers and singers went on and offstage.

Apologies if this appears offensive in this newly Conservative age, but when I saw the show and he came out to do this particular tune, his junk was hanging out. Before that he may have been fully clothed as a Detective in a trenchcoat for the theme of that song. For the next one (perhaps “Don’t Touch Me There” - a Phil Spector sendup) the beautiful Re Styles may have been strapped to a whirling wooden disc, in pointy white 1950’s underwear - which knives were thown at. I may be confusing tunes.

I’m just not sure there has ever been a Rock Show like it, before or since.

Never saw anything in my life to equal it, including some really great Broadway shows. I will allow that that may be due to my age at the time. Stuff just hits you at certain points in your life.

Don’t read into the choice of the above video (as I’d never seen it, and respect TOGWT) other than that it is a pretty good approximation of that particular tune.


Never heard this version before. Quite good.

I think these would be the perfect speakers for an audio/video system. Slim and very attractive.


My favorite Americana band is called The Other Favorites, and their latest album is called Unamericana. I know, that makes no sense. :grinning: But here’s the entire album on Youtube. You can get the album in 24/48 download from Bandwear or Qobuz if you want the best sound quality.

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Funny you should mention them. Years ago, I came across Josh doing this bit with Alison Young. It’s a simple, very nice rendition by the two of them.

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Good stuff. Important stuff. I’m not even done watching it and I’m forgetting to breathe at some points.


That’s a nice one from those two. Here is there recent follow-up:

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They seem a bit like direct YouTube Descendants of The Milk Carton Kids.

And they have crazy nice studio gear compared to this live performance onstage on ACL, where they are both singing and playing into a single mic that is not all that great. (In the best country tradition).

The sound of them playing into that mic and others made by the same company made me think it must be an amazing mic, so I bought a pair. They’re cheap, and it turns out that technically, they’re nothing like great mics.

THEY are.

The kerchief tied to the guitar is not entirely an affectation (though he could’ve used something less visually obvious), it is due to the fact that it is a very old, noisy and difficult to play guitar. Yet…

Apologies if this reads as a criticism of either the band or your post. Not intended as such🙏🏻


See them live if possible, because not only are they Rully, Rully Good, but if you enjoy Dry-ass humor - they’re Great.

EDIT: Kinda lol’ed pulling up this older video, as they quadra-ed Down with Four Ear Trumpet Edwinas. Didn’t necessarily improve on their performance🤔

Calord and I saw them at the eTown Hall former Church in Boulder a couple of years ago, and got into our usual seats in the front pew to the right. I had completely blanked on the fact that if you see them as a duo live - Sit to the Left Side if you want to watch the “lead guitar” player😝


Others have noted the similarities between The Other Favorites and The Milk Carton Kids. My sense is that there is some area of stylistic overlap between the bands, but each one has its own identity. TOF sometimes go into Eagles style rock, which I don’t think TMCK do (unless I missed it).

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Was not suggesting in any way that they were clones.

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