What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)


After a very rough and emotional night, looks like my beautiful 1st daughter is getting divorced after a short marriage, the sun is out, it’s very cold and crisp and Nat is playing. Life is so difficult and so great!



I was so taken with this album that I am now playing it again!


Yes, all those are fantastic recording quality…even better as the also available DSD.


The golden age of American Country…and great sounding.


Recorded live at NYC’s Knitting Factory in 1997, this is 66 minutes of free-out-ecstatic jazz improvisation.








Last one for the morning. My wife and deeply sad daughter went to yoga. It was easy to make her better when she was little, not so easy anymore.


She is responsible for her own happiness.


Louis Armstrong “The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings” Columbia box set, disc 2


Thanks for this hint, great stuff! I will get both, the vinyl and the files :sunglasses:


This one again. Disc 4 is my favorite of this 6 disc set.

Frank Kimbraugh, Scott Robinson, Rufus Reid, Billy Drummond “Monk’s Dreams” disc 4


If only logic and the heart were separable…


I’m listening to the cd version put out by Real Gone Music of the Reprise Records lp. Reprise allowed Duke to produce a handful of excellent records featuring Babs, Bud Powell, Dollar Brand and his wife Sathima Bea Benjamin. I think these would make an excellent box set–my guess is there is additional recorded material.



Looks like it wont take too long to make 10,000 posts again


Bobby Hutcherson “Wise One” Kind of Blue Records cd


I can’t imagine anyone getting thru life without learning the hard lessons taught by deep sadness.