What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)





Boy isn’t that the truth. Death in the family this week. It wasn’t tragic or unexpected but still hard.




Bobby Hutcherson/George Cables/Herbie Lewis/Philly Joe Jones “Four Seasons” Timeless Records



I’m lost in the ozone again.



Roll over Beethoven




Boooooo. Stevie Nicks nearly killed Lindsey Buckingham. She broke his heart.


Playing the digital version now…what a great mixture of something like Bitches Brew with some Norwegian fusion embedded in a great rich enough, transparent, holographic, spherical sound! They should have made a hires version…I’ll see how the vinyl sounds in a few weeks.


Watching your babies struggle is the worst thing. God bless you.


…and I’m Down to Seeds and Stems again.


Feel that.


Wow, did you hear the sounds coming just out of the wall 90 degree left of your listening position on the bonus track and then the sounds directly at ones ears while the rest is playing between the speakers? What a great effect, much stronger than the similar “Q sound” on some recordings…


The first time I heard that cut - probably on my 8 track car stereo I’m sure I was down to seeds and stems again.


A good friend got a heart transplant back in the '80’s. After the surgery his voice was an octave or more higher. He said that he thought he probably got a girls heart. Either way it allowed him to live about 10 years longer. Amazing surgery still today.


These effects are amazing. Hearing sounds well beyond the outside of the speakers always amazes me, no matter how often I experience it.




The bonus track sounds especially spacious. I will have to listen again for that particular effect. Glad you are enjoying the album so much.