What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)



I have it next on the que


New York United - One of the most impressive productions that I have experienced. Listened to it on Tidal. I venture a guess that it will sound fantastic on Vinyl. Keep up the great recommendations, I may have to buy a turntable,



For those that saw the picture of my set up, like so many, I had a big TV between the speakers. We’re preparing to remodel and I’m giving my TV to my sick dad: he loves the big TV. Point being, system sounds much better without it there! Instantly noticeable.


Have it on vinyl … great album!


It’s the land of dreams.



Fun album of collaborations.


"We need more Vogts Sisters in this chaotic mess of a world. We need to step back and breathe and concentrate on the good and not the evil. We need to acknowledge beauty without argument, accept the good in life. Maybe what we need is less city and more mountain in our lives. One thing for sure— we need more mountain music in our lives."

~ Frank Gutch, Jr. Album Review Broken Ties



Jon Hopkins for soemthing different in this forum. So many great recordings above but this belongs too.



This one is a little out there but fits Sunday morning real well



Cant get enough- - - - of that funky stuff - - - -


Jackie passed away in 2011, but his songs are so full of life! One of my alltime favourites.






J. S. Bach: “Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele” BWV 180
Christoph Prégardien, Tenor
Barbara Schlick, Sopran
Andreas Scholl, Altus
Gotthold Schwarz, Bass
Christophe Coin, Violoncelle piccolo
Ensemble Baroque de Limoges
Concerto Vocale Leipzig
Christophe Coin


Classic Caribbean influenced NOLA Rock n Roll. A Cosimo Matassa studio regular.