What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)


John Coltrane “Blue Train” Platinum SHM-CD

Mono train.


Keeping with the NOLA theme this morning.


If someone’s looking for a really dynamic piano recording…this is what the headline says on the TOP Music label and also a really nice performance.


And from yesterday’s listening session in case anyone who loves this album doesn’t know the “stripped” version…this is the definitive mastering to go for!


SQ worth buying yet another copy?


Bösendorfer pianos have tremendous power and a huge dynamic range. Three strings per hammer, dark rich sound, delicate treble. And extra keys. Austrians have a way with music and instruments.

I will look into this recording. Thanks!





Just played Chad Wackerman’s Dreams, nightmares and improvisation from vinyl box set. Great recording SQ, Chad, Allan Holdsworth, Jimmy Johnson Jim Cox. Awesome music.




Well, the entire run of Blue Note Platinum SHM-CDs have excellent sound quality. Their biggest advantage in my estimation are their LP facsimile covers. Excellent printing, glossy, heavy cardboard covers with a plastic slipcase to protect them. I really like them, more than I thought I would, they are a class product in that regard.

And all the Blue Note titles are mono, even though the conventional wisdom is that about half the titles are from a time where the mono version is just a fold-down. What makes these more effective in important ways I think is the fact that even a decade into the stereo LP world Rudy Van Gelder was monitoring and mixing his recordings to mono in the control room, so the mono mixes do sound very good in my estimation.

But the previous stereo SHM-CD version that came out just before this in the 75th Anniversary series from Japan, or the Japanese or European Blu-ray Audio disc versions released before that have exceptional sound as well, and there are two recent releases from Japan I haven’t heard yet, an UHQCD and an SHM-SACD that I suspect sound excellent, so there are less expensive and similarly priced choices out there, and in stereo, which many would prefer.


Thanks Lon.



yeah, becoming aware pretty quickly.

never really sought out solo piano stuff. most of the time it was too much like Windham Hill / George Winston, and i’d fall asleep. I knew who Jarret was, but never came across this concert recording.

Just wonderful.




I love that movie. Ziyi!


“What a beautiful World this will be, What a Glorious time to be Free”



Bruce Cockburn - Night Vision


Legendary New Orleans soul singer Johnny Adams died too young in September 1998 at the age of 67, just one month after this amazing Rounder album was released. Backed by hot sh!t players such as Walter “Wolfman” Washington, George Porter, Jr., David Torkanowsky, Donnell Spencer, Jr., Michael Toles, and a killer horn section, Man of My Word is the real deal (despite the hilarious :crossed_fingers: on the back cover).