What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)


If you’re not anxious about a combination of african chant and rhythms with Mozart, listen to this. Some tracks are a must have. I love such stuff. Sounds good, too.


These things can be fun. It is amazing how good music can stand up to just about any treatment.


I’ve written about this before…be-bop, for much of my life, sounded horrible. Couldn’t hear the rhythm. Many people in my life still feel that way. It’s hard for me to understand now. It’s just glorious in it’s free nature with lots of tradition behind it. I love this set.


Any Jazz/Funk fan would find a lot to like with this set…and amazing sound throughout. The kind of music my system was put together for.



Rachmaninoff playing nicely for now but Blue Break Beats may have to cut in before the end.



Fun post! This thread cuts a wide swath through the music jungle. Gotta love it!


And it is all good. Its nice to be able to enjoy all forms of music. Some more than others but you can see the artistry in all of it.


Webb Pierce…California Blues.


Blue Break Beats is on now


Uncle Lionel Batiste was “the real deal” in New Orleans music.


On a NOLA kick for a reason…God how I love my visits. Krewe du Vieux next Sat night.


The greatest love song ever…


An @RonP post from a while back…groovy music.


I’m still giggling over the title. It reminds me of when I was a little kid, my uncle had a record called “She’s Too Fat For Me Polka”. Oh brother…


When worlds collide in a beautiful way…NOLA Trad Jazz and Bluegrass. It really works.


If this was about a house in Okinawa it might be my story…except for the guilt part.


As close to God as I want to get for now.


six foot seven foot eight foot bunch


Give Death Came A-Knockin a listen…she’s a force.