What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)



Last one for the weekend


Well recorded, great voice.


Opera is a rare thing for me and I tend to over-listen to Puccini’s Tosca or Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin (different recordings) but I am branching out.












For me as well. And I have yet to venture out into it.


More Blue Note. Freddie Hubbard “Hub Cap” Analogue Productions SACD


Jimmy Smith “Confirmation” Blue Note EMI Japan cd.


Bruce is A GREAT songwriter AND has a VOICE!


Charles Mingus “Something Like a Bird” Japan Time Warner cd


Old school Kitaro; Silk Road trilogy, this is vol 3 (“pink ladies”).


John Martyn is fantastic. Unfortunately he died before I had the chance to go to a concert.



Nice. Monk at his nutty best followed by Miles juxtaposing (been wanting to use that word all day) his sweet, melodic, unmuted tone.


I agree. Unique individual - a very talented but flawed musician, like many others of his ilk. I was fortunate to see him play live several times over the years. First time I was still at university and this would be in the autumn of 1973 when he was touring with Danny Thompson to promote the Inside Out album, and also Solid Air album, which had been released at the beginning of the year. I liked all his acoustic tours - not so much when he went electric in the 80’s.

My last time seeing him play was in 2008, he played the whole of Solid Air to celebrate its 35th anniversary… By this time he was struggling with ill health and down to one leg, sitting in a wheelchair, and morbidly obese… He made endless amounts of mistakes due to his heft - playing acoustic guitar, restricted movement due to the wheelchair and the band were struggling to keep in time with him being so out of time…! It was embarrassing to watch him struggle…

It was clearly obvious to see he was nearing the end and within a year he was gone… Years of drug and alcohol abuse eventually took its toll !


Thanks, that’s interesting! I have most of his albums, also originals (even his first LP he sold out of the garage) but also remasters and I especially like his non acoustic albums. „Jack the lad“, „Anie sez“, „Solid air“ and many other songs are simply magic. He’s one of my very favorite musicians and one of the very very best in the Pop genre.


I have been suffering a 36-hour Internet outage, so I have had to return to my NAS for virtually the first time in a year. Little hi-res there, and I have noticed the sound was often a little worse than I had been used to on Qobuz. in consequence. I ended up on a nostalgia trip playing some of the first CD’s I ever bought.