What are you spinning right now?




Last one for tonight. “Elvis Presley Blues” is the telling of a legend the way I want to remember the legend…


You know…this is sitting out there like a middle of the plate, 78mph, hanging-curveball on a humid summer night…


Denying reality can have its charms.


I like it a lot. However, I don’t think Bill Evans, Roy Haynes, Jimmy Cob or Max Roach are on this one. But it doesn’t matter in the end because it is a great album.


ECM 192kHz/24bit


Actually Bill Evans was on it.
And I was just thinking of who I would have preferred on drums over Gadd.


Grateful Dead “Anthem of the Sun” Deluxe 50th Anniversary 2 cd set.

On headphones, which is a great way to listen to both the original and the remix (both on disc 1). Very nicely remastered.


Yes Ron, it’s part of the excellent “Snake Box” box set.


Hmmm…my source is the personnel info on the CD. Just curious.


Interesting. Who do they show on piano?


NOLA Trad Jazz…Lovely morning music.


I believe Roland Hanna is on piano.


Disc 2 from the arkology set.


You guys are right. I always thought it was Evans. Thanks!


Roland Hanna


All these years…! Thank you.



Ensemble works by Christer Lindwall (b. 1950)
A Certain Ratio (1998-99)
Stefan Österjö (guitar), Quartetto Ars Nova
Earth Bow (1996)
Ensemble SON
En millemeter av ljus (1996-97)
Ensemble Ars Nova
Wenn sie so, dann ich so und Pferd fliegt (2000)
Kulchural Archipelagos Quintet
White Nights (2000-02)
Stefan Österjö (alto guitar), The Gageego! Ensemble/Pierre-André Valade