What are you spinning right now?


John McLaughlin, “The Promise” (1995).


Talking Heads - Speaking in tongues. 24/96 WAV








Very nice. I have always enjoyed recordings by ECM. Have been listening through Spotify and just ordered the CD.


Disc 3…lots of Jimmy Rushing. That’s never a bad thing.

See y’all next week. Life has returned to normalcy quickly…lots of trips to a far away hospital but even tragedies settle into a routine.


After investigating a series of unexceptional albums, this one caught my fancy.



Still playing Show 2 from the Grateful Dead Pacific Northwest '73-'74 set. Love Jerry playing the “Alligator” Stratocaster. That and “Wolf” are my two favorite guitars in his hands, and both are represented in this set.

My two girls are sleeping (Lucy, who turned 60 yesterday, and Fiona the miniature dachshund who is of an indeterminate age but a mature gal) and the headphones are on. My headphone set up is really delivering these days, I used to sigh and settle for listening to them, but now I actually look forward to doing so.



Randy Weston “Solo Piano Live”

Solo Piano live on CBC’s “Jazz Beat” Programme

Tracks 1- 4 recorded at the Bambbo Club in Ontario in 1985 and were broadcast on March 23, 1985.
Tracks 5-8 were recorded at Muttart Hall, Alberta University doing the Jazz City Music Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 11993 and broadcast on September 25.




Very trippy drums on this one…


Love the raucous cover version of Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died.”




176kHz/24bit FLAC rip of my SACD sounds great.



Qobuz 24/44.1