What are you spinning right now?


What a great band! I love “Whammy” . . . and all the others, but “Whammy” has a special place in my listening heart.


This record is so close to caricature until you listen…so beautiful.


God I love George Jones. See y’all tomorrow.



Listening to this album again. A gentle, relaxing sound. I wonder if this is what Trance would have sounded like 300 years ago.



Posted this a couple times now. Really good deep dive into the great talent of Buddy Holly.


Bear Family Records!


Such a great album



It’s a happy, sunny blues morning!



Another exceptionally beautiful recording- -


Aulis Sallinen: Symphony No. 4, Op. 49 (1979)


Stefano Gervasoni : Viola Concerto (1994/95)
Ensemble Contrechamps/Emilio Pomarico


Unfortunately I could not locate the album you posted, but the search led me to these sonatas, which I am very much enjoying.



Right now
Brad Allen Williams “Lamar” . . . . Williams is a great player I got to know from Jose James albums. This is a nice organ trio record of pop tunes jazzed up.


Might have picked this up off a Lonson post. Don’t remember now.


Meant to play this when I first heard about Geoff Emerick‘s passing. May he Rest In Peace. He sure made my life better!!

Mono remaster. Doubt there will ever be a better Beatles remaster.


This comes in at #61 on a popular list of the 100 greatest bootlegs. I am not a WIlco expert, but this sounds pretty good to me!


Love this series…with the worst title and covers ever…still, such groovy music.


The new album by Asleep at the Wheel has a great song about Willie Nelson called “Willie Got There First,” which was written by Seth Avett. I prefer Seth’s solo acoustic rendition, which is available on YouTube. In any event, hearing “Willie Got There First” caused me to spin this incredible MFSL CD version of two of Willie’s greatest albums.



10 likes. I have HDTracks versions of both. These are so analog tape sounding. Love them both, bet your MFSL versions are awesome!