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Last night my wife and I went to a concert of music by Dowland and Holborne. Very good (the countertenor was particularly impressive). I was not familiar with Holborne, so I searched for works by him on Qobuz. This was one f the few albums they had. Hesperion are always reliably enjoyable, but it was not easy to relate to what I had heard the night before, which was played on solo lute.



Abdul Moimême – 2 prepared electric guitars
Ricardo Guerreiro – electronics



Is this available on Spotify? I couldn’t find it. Also tried looking for AMM: The inexhaustible document. No luck. I am intrigued by what this music may be like given your choice of mostly classical.


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FLAC rip of two-CD Legacy Edition.


Muddy Waters Muddy 'Mississippi' Waters Live 2 CD album set (Double CD) UK MDW2CMU257312


I have no idea about Spotify as I don’t do any sort of streaming. I do know the recording was rereleased in 2012 on Decca with a different cover.

The AMM disc is a Matchless Recordings release and is available directly from their website: http://matchlessrecordings.com/music/inexhaustible-document

AMM did a form of electro-acoustic free improvisation and The Inexhaustible Document is an excellent but not very representative example of their music.

Free improv, experimental and various kinds of avant-garde are areas of music I’ve been into since my college days in the late '70’s.


Perfect Sunday morning music.


Going to church on Sunday in my house.


Doesn’t seem to be on Qobuz either :frowning:


Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710): solo harpsichord works from Sonate per Gravicembalo (1702)


from the great CD box set on Gardiner’s SDG label. Live recordings from April/May 2000

Gillian Keith, soprano

Daniel Taylor, alto

Charles Daniels, tenor

Stephen Varcoe, bass

The Monteverdi Choir

English Baroque Soloists



Thank you for your detailed response.
I use Spotify as a vetting tool. Once I like a recording, I buy the physical media and rip it to the NAS. However, once Qobuz arrives in the US, that may change.


That’s the kind of church I like.


You must be way up north. Right now it’s a balmy 30 degrees F in Madison, WI


Lefty Frizzell was a pretty big deal at one time. Kind of brushed aside by history at this point. Bear Family has released a new huge Lefty set. I’m sure I’ll pick it up.


2xDSD download version. Great performance with reference-quality sound.


Number 55 on the list of the 100 greatest bootlegs. With any luck, it is still available for free download here.

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Antonio Vivaldi: Salve Regina, RV 616
Gerard Lesne, alto
Il Seminario Musicale


Think there’s a big gap between Country and Jazz? Listen to “You Don’t Know.” More Bear Family greatness.