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Thanks for the recommendation. Any particular track in the album that stands out?


Check out the last track, “African Drums.”




An unjustly neglected American master - -

Andrew Imbrie: Piano Concerto No. 3
Alan Feinberg, piano
Riverside Symphony/George Rothman


no furniture

Boris Baltschun - sampler
Axel Dörner - computer, trumpet
Kai Fagaschinski - clarinet

Label: Creative Sources
Recorded, mixed and mastered between November 2002 and October 2003 in Berlin


TIDAL MQA version. The music and sonics are better than the album cover art!


I chanced on this album a couple of hours ago. It was a happy chance. 24/192. Augmenting a string quartet with a double bass adds richness and impact. I had not heard of Onslow before, but I am looking forward to listening to volumes 1 & 2.


Recorded March 23, 1989 at the Maison de la Culture de la Seine, Bobigny, Paris as part of the Banlieues Bleues Festival.

This is perhaps the best recording of jazz drums I have heard (sound quality and performance!). And Dizzy is no slouch on trumpet!





Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke & Lenny White
(guests Bill Connors, Jean-Luc Ponty and Chaka Khan)


Qobuz 88.2/24


Qobuz 44.1/24




Glenn Frey had a great quote about Joe ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ Walsh in the documentary film, ‘History of the Eagles Part 1.’ Frey said Walsh is “an interesting bunch of guys.” :rofl:


One of the best albums of all time to me.


Absolutely Mr. B. From note one to the end, consistently moving and melodic.