What are you spinning right now?


Th P20 doesn’t bother me I think it looks nice but I see your point if it was black. Also what are those speakers?


I am now spinning the 2000 DSD remaster/remix from Sony. I have a '97, 2000 and 2006 version of this, and the 2 LP set I bought in '72 or so. This music hitting me when it did is very important in shaping my musical world.


Matthias Pintscher (*1971): orchestral and ensemble works
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Klangforum Wien/Matthias Pintscher, Sylvain Cambreling


I was charmed by this album. The first track in particular proceeds for three minutes at a restrained pace, and then bursts out into an exuberant flurry of notes reminiscent of the excesses of Prog Rock in the early 70’s. Unexpected, and very entertaining,


Justin Connolly : chamber works


Tyler Acoustics Highland H2’s. They’re basically kit speakers (put together by Tyler in Kentucky) with quality components: Madisound cross-overs and Scanspeak drivers. I like them a lot (huge soundstage) but there is always something better. This is my third pair of Tyler Acoustic speakers.



I love the Beck and Harris, “Sin City”. Thanks again for that one!


That man (Beck) has got some serious SOUL


May 1995




Right now an ebay buy, an album that eluded me for a while at a decent price, and finally got it for a bargain one.

“Billy Eckstine Sings with Benny Carter,” Special Guest Helen Merrill

Alto Saxophone – Benny Carter
Arranged By – Bobby Tucker
Bass – Paul West
Drums – Vernell Fournier
Liner Notes – Edward Berger
Piano – Bobby Tucker
Trumpet – Benny Carter (i track)
Vocals – Billy Eckstine, Helen Merrill (2 tracks)


Miles Davis “Agharta” Sony LP facsimile 20 bit SBM remaster from '97, disc 1

What a concert this was.


Original mono 1957 pressing straight from the UK - Absolutely mint inside and out as is the vinyl itself. And I find the inner sleeve very interesting with its “needle warning” and wood dowel “handle” I guess you would call it.



George Russell Sextet “Ezz-thetics” Keepnews Collection CD


Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers “Live in Scheveningen 1958,” Devialet Records

Disc 1

Excellent sound. . . slightly languid performance compared a few other contemporaneous ones.


We were playing Cranium last night and my 17 year old daughter was unable to correctly identify Robert Zimmerman as being Bob Dylan.

I have failed as a parent!



My GOD. I remember those guys from MTV and seeing that album at Wind Music back in good old Oak Lawn, Illinois as a teen. Now I feel old.


I’ve been spinning a few albums today (that I haven’t bothered posting about - too busy listening) that one of my brothers purchased years ago in the early 80’s when he was stationed over in Okinawa. A lot of the album covers have Japanese labels and print on them. Pretty cool. The best part, he only played them all twice… Once to listen to it, once to record it. So these albums are virtually brand new yet 35+ years old!

Before this, I listened to ELO, Zebra and The Outfield. Excellent music!