What are you spinning right now?


The Outfield. I still love that record. One of my favorite ballplayers uses “Your Love” as his walkup song.

I horrify my kids by saying that I would use “The Safety Dance” as mine. Which makes them glad I’m not a professional baseball player I guess. Lol.


I picked up the complete set which contains both nights plus their show closing the Fillmore East. Highly recommended.



A great double album. Post punk at its best.


New York City 1959 - Partitas 1 & 2. On Columbia/Sony

Bach: Italian Concerto, Partitas no 1 & 2 / Glenn Gould


Elliott Carter (1908-2012): orchestral works






Finally got my new desktop system together (Harbeth P3ESR, Sprout100, IEast_d2a0 renderer, BK P12-300SB-PR sub). This sounds very good indeed on it at 24/96. I still have to dial in the sub properly so anything with bass is subtly wrong.



Listen to his work and think about what might have been too difficult for him.


On the way to Dad’s and back:
Dexter Gordon “In the Cave”

Kenny Burrell and the Jazz Heritage All Stars “At the Blue Note”

Now at home:

George Russell “Jazz Workshop”


I have heard the Copland Clarinet Concerto many times (my brother is a fine clarinetist). Thus, I have heard him perform it, along with others. My brother shared the history of the piece with me long ago.

The original second movement as penned by Copland was beyond Goodman’s ability. The manuscript of the original coda connecting the two movements contains penciled-in changes requested by Goodman, and Copland wrote the following in the score: “1st version —later revised— of Coda of Clarinet Concerto (too difficult for Benny Goodman).” One specific issue was that the part went too high for him.


Phantastic performance and sound!




I am not familiar with this version. Thanks!



Never heard this particular Stones album before

The last cut is awesome


This sounds really good. I forgot how much I like Joe Morello’s drums. And they sound like drums, not cardboard. And the ever shifting time signatures!