What are you spinning right now?


This appears to be a streaming-only release (no physical disc version AFAICT).



Yes! My fave Brubeck album. The ambience of Carnegie is palpable.


Gets me every time!


What a great track…massive impact, great transients, still natural sound…fun!


Don’t Deal With The Devil! :smiling_imp:


Testing Biber as a near-field experience. Very good, except that it is 24/192 and occasional stuttering indicates that I have not jumped successfully through all the hoops to force use of Ethernet rather than WiFi.



Sidney Bechet “Alternate Takes Vol. 2” Neatwork Records CD


Kimbrough/Robinson/Reid/Drummond “Monk’s Dream: The Complete Compositions of Thelonious Monk” Disc 3


“Agharta” again, disc 2 now, LOUD.


Today I am enjoying The Eagles ’ Long Road Out Of Eden’ . I have always enjoyed the musical content but never realized how well this is recorded and mixed. My system has evolved so much that I am hearing things I never knew about this thoroughly played collection.


Half an edible, a solid pour of Woodford Reserve and groovy B3 music. Ahhh Friday.
BTW, I know I dwell on DR, but this is a DR of 14 and you just want to melt into the music…


Via Tidal. Good stuff :grin:


Memphis (and it’s surroundings, Muscle Shoals, Tupelo) is America’s second most important music city…of-course, in my…well you know.

I think 1 and 2 are easy, 3 is much harder…Chicago, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Austin…


It all depends on what period of time and what type of music. The U.S. has many cities with fantastic culture.


Well…I know what I mean…root music…but get that there’s so many layers to this musical culture. It is amazing. I like the theory that American Epic put forth…it was technology at the right place at the right time that makes it lasting and different.


As you know, this is only one narrow slice of American music.


I agree…lots of layers.


Think about a song with more perfect timing…good luck. Languid…slow…behind the beat.


…root music to me is Gospel, Blues, Jazz and Country in that order. Of-course everything thus derived.