What are you spinning right now?



…another layer…




BUJU… out of federal prison!


This is the only image of the song I could find…playing the studio version. I know she has lots of fans here. Such an amazing song.


Cryin’ Time


T-Bone Walker’s, Stormy Monday. How many covers of that song are there? A good one here…but it’s one of those songs that’s almost always good. Trippy guitar work…with the feeling.


I was…


On his previous (wonderful) album the bass line was mostly piano and bass. Here it is the great Zakir Hussain on Tabla, possibly why it was mostly recorded in Mumbai. (plus of course many Indian influences on the album.)

Dhafer Youssef Dance Layan Dance






DP 29, a six-CD set containing two full concerts; listening to 5.19.77, Fox Theatre, Atlanta.


Still rocking GD 1977 . . . a co-worker of mine recalls attending this show (apparently the first of 50+ GD shows he attended). I can’t imagine what it must have been like to see the GD in 1977 in such a small venue!


Undemanding morning listening.



Love his works, too!


Johannes Ockeghem (c. 1410-1497): Missa Prolationum


Disc 1 of this great set.

BTW…what a glorious winter day here in Chicagoland. Sunny and might get to 50. Not bad for 5 Jan. Also, I’m excited because most of my old stereo and LP furniture is selling (still waiting to sell my LPs). I’m using the sale money to finance BHK 300s. Getting closer with each sale.


As with many of the albums featuring Jordi Savall, it is very easy to close your eyes and imagine you are listening to a live performance. Sometimes I can almost feel the hardness of the benches!



Yes. An excellent way to express it.


A tremendous scholar who understands all music, including very early music, is played for entertainment, inspiration, comfort, and this must be reflected in performance. His recordings and live performances are thus wonderfully evocative.