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How funny…we listened to this show last night. The “Let it Grow” is smokin’ and the entire 2nd set, performed by the Jones Gang, is “just exactly perfect!” I also love the Binghamton show from two nights later. The Rochester and Toronto shows ain’t to shabby either…


The French Arcadian story in America is so crazy.


Jiří Antonín Benda (1722-1795): harpsichord concertos
Edita Keglerová, harpsichord
Hipocondria Ensemble


Lovely! Glad to have some more Maucha Adnet vocals in my collection.

Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto “Por Causa De Voce”

Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music has always revealed the beauty and contradictions of Brazilian culture. The richness and complexity of Jobim’s creativity is on full display in this live set from Jovino Santos Neto and his Quinteto, with special guests Romero Lubambo of Trio da Paz and vocalist Maucha Adnet (who spent 10 years as a member of Jobim’s Banda Nova). Jobim’s beautiful harmonies often present a challenging vehicle for improvisation, but you would never know it from the freedom these musicians demonstrate here. Just listen to the deep samba groove and virtuosic solos on ‘‘One Note Samba’’ or Maucha’s profoundly emotional delivery on ‘‘Por Causa de Você’’ the musicians hold nothing back. Thankfully, we have this recording to shine a fresh light on Jobim’s musical legacy.

- Andy Connell, August 2018


“Massalos Plays Satie” from the excellent box set “Satie & Friends”


John Coltrane “Coltrane” Impulse cd, latest reissue from Japan.


“The Art and Soul of Houston Person” disc 2 of 3


@lonson regarding Cassandra Wilson JMT:

In the meantime I acquired all Winter&Winter releases I didn’t have yet. I compared the old JMT vinyl releases to their CD releases and those to the Winter&Winter CD remasters and the one LP mastering Winter&Winter made.

Result is, the JMT LP’s and CD”s sound clearly inferior to the Winter&Winter. The LP’s have a bit more recessed treble which makes me like the JMT CD’s little better. The big difference is towards the Winter&Winter releases, which are better all around. The one available LP a bit more natural sounding in treble than the CD’s but all are much better than the old LP”s/CD”s. So those reissues are a good buy.

The Winter&Winter responsible said they have the original analog masters and would like to offer hires and vinyl but still have to clarify licensing issues which can take time. I would love to get an all analog mastered vinyl of them or hires instead of redbook some time.


Thanks for the impressions.

I have to say that I haven’t done direct comparisons as I have these either as JMT or Winter&Winter issues, I think I may have given away a few JMT when I got the Winter&Winter version back when I was living in Austin and had a few friends into jazz.

Recently I’ve spun the few I have in JMT only (Live, She Who Weeps, Blue Skies) and I loved the sound of them on my system so I haven’t planned to get Winter&Winter versions. Then again I have a device I love from Decware that has two adjustable EQ curves and I can usually adjust the sound to my liking. (I’m moving away from being a “purist” and from seeking “ultimate” pressings etc.).


Yes I understand. The Winter&Winter would be anyway worth it as the improvement is less a tonality issue but they have more energy generally and treble openness.


Warming up my ears…


Thanks. I’ll pick them up if I see them cheap enough.


Disc 1 of this great box set: definitive!

Edit: @Elk changed the image link. Weird, I could see it fine. Muddy Waters Chess Box set. Cool!

Edit 2: My system presents Muddy’s guitar in such a 3D way now…it’s simple playing but it’s not. He bends the notes like what he is…a Mississippi Blues Man.


I’m not seeing a pic! :frowning:

Very bad news as I like watching what you are up to.


'It’s simple playing but it’s not." WORD.


5 miniatures by Sulkhan Tsintsadze that make up the first half of this. Skipped the rest. Fiddler on the roof music.

In the Self


A wonderful clarinetist whom my wife wanted to take home from a recital to fulfil her every carnal desire. She had to settle for a programme of Mozart, Schumann and Brahms, including the three Schumann pieces on this excellent disk - a bit of a promo disc after he moved from BIS to Sony.


Jesus Gonna’ Make it Alright…


Greatest R&B song ever…top 10 for sure.


Dwight Yoakam