What are you spinning right now?


Brown Sugar herself…man enough? Everything I do Gonna’ be Funky…


Maybe my favorite kind of recording. Such a BIG sound.


This music touches my soul at the deepest level. They have a Sidney Bechet club in New Orleans to this day. It’s what you might think it is (serious band kids run away from home, live in New Orleans, and play Sidney Bechet) f…ing cool.


American R&B via Belfast in Santa Monica CA.


He is a superb musician as well as charming. i heard him play multiple times last year an also enjoyed chatting with him and various receptions, etc.


Specifically Forever in Blue, Nothing to lose but your chains and Rising tide. Great stuff



François Francœur (1698–1787): Music for the Royal Table


Why didn’t I set up a desktop system years ago? Another gentle and comforting album to listen to during that difficult period before the first large mug of coffee is finished.



Agreed. I heard her on the radio for the first time and this was the song.


I couldn’t find this on Qobuz. However I am currently listening to the closest match, and enjoying it



Repeatedly this one…what an amazing interpretation AND recording!


Pollini turns 77 today…



I finally got this one but it’s not mine…for me not innovative enough, calm, just similar but much weaker than the original and weak sound…but I like the deep sax pieces…it sounds deeper than a baritone…more like a bass sax…but could be sound limitations…quite dull sounding the whole thing.


Disc 3.


Interesting. I get the calm, and I like that alternate window into a Monkian energy. I’m fascinated by the piano playing here, so like Monk and yet subtly Kimbrough too. And I’ve been a big fan of Robinson’s multi-horn and multi-sub-genre playing for a long time (I love his work in the early jazz and Chicago Style forms, especially on C Melody) and I like the resulting soloing he does here, again subtly different than the established soloing of horn players with Monk and interpreting Monk. Sound is decent too at least on my system. . . nice six cd set.


Thanks, interesting to get your view on it!


Just finished The Louvin Brothers biography written, in-part, by Charlie Louvin. Johnny Cash is mentioned several times in the book in an almost mythical way. He knew about Ira Louvin’s alcohol problems (everyone did) and helped with real money when it mattered most. Lots of respect thrown Johnny Cash’s way.

Johnny Cash even provides a long into to the Louvin Brothers, “When I Stop Dreaming.” Mentions meeting Ira and Charlie.


Amsco - (Re: War)

“…and I heard my mother say…I waaas…”

I got a Best of War at Half Price Books for $3 that sounds amazing. Good recordings, good vinyl : )

They had a famous lawsuit with Eric Burdon after he left “Eric Burdon and War”…which had always seemed an unlikely collaboration to me. The guy from the Animals, and the Band from Long Beach. Liked them better by themselves. They ended up winning the right to use the name War.

“One of these things is not like the others”, as they would say on Sesame Street.

image https://www.discogs.com/artist/1287974-Eric-Burdon-War/images


Agree about Eric Burdon not being a good fit but Tobacco Road and Spill the Wine are pretty great songs. I didn’t know about the lawsuit.

My favorite War comp is the Rhino set. My daughters and I danced to War when they were barely walking. They still request those songs when they come over. Lots of good memories for me.


S’got the Funk : )

I only know about the lawsuit because a few years ago I was teaching at a college where I was compelled to teach a Media Law class. Thank god there was a well-prepared bunch of material.

So there was Tom Scholz and Boston (and they’re still at it), Eric Burdon and War, and a few others, though there are more recent bands/cases. The bummer side of the Biz, but stuff you need to know as an aspiring producer or musician. Forwarned is forearmed.