What are you spinning right now?


It’s the bummer side of life. My brother is a big deal labor attorney here in Chicago (your old home LOL). His life is conflict resolution. It’s not easy, that’s why he makes the BIG bucks.



The books, “The Lemon of Pink”


Music for your next bacchanalia.


Wow - I wonder if that pictured headgear is real?

My kids used to make stuff out of those Perler beads ; )


“Entremont Conducts Satie” from the excellent “Satie & Friends” box set.


I vote for “Soothe Me”–Sam and Dave.


“The Art and Soul of Houston Person” disc 3 of 3


Good one!


Wow, I wish a good record would look like this…or is it good?


It is probably the best combination of both an amazing record (musically and sonically) and the coolest colored-vinyl disc I have had since my first, Dave Mason’s Alone Together way back when.

Had never heard of the books (lower case intentional) before getting this record from a Vinyl Me Please subscription. It’s an album I put on for Vinyl Skeptics, and they say, “Wait…we’re listening to Vinyl?” Ironically, there are tracks with vinyl surface noise and other effects in the mix, then you get into silences, and between tracks, and - Very Quiet pressing.


There was a time in my life when I very much disliked this music in particular and Bebop in general: I wonder how that was even possible.


More Ken Burns Jazz.


I love this album.


Great record. Have you heard the Meldau/Haden, “Long Ago and Far Away”? Also awesome.




Rhino compilation greatness. The cover looks fun.


Indeed. And also great is Mehldau’s recording with Chris Thile.

I play mandolin, so I almost can’t listen to Thile. He’s basically from another planet, he’s so good.


He is an astounding musician with broad tastes.


Great looking vinyl, fun!


Like when I went to Tommy Emmanuel recently - you walk out either inspired or you think, “Why Bother?” : )