What are you spinning right now?


About 3 minutes ago, I was telling exactly that to a friend. In my case, “hard bop” worked it’s way in first, followed by bebop. shoobopshoobop


For all who can stand Dolphy the probably best sounding vintage 2xHD remaster so far with good tracks (but Dolphy is definitely not for everyone :crazy_face:)


Whether one likes him or not, he is the Musical Prophet.


Indeed, one hears this from this album, even if it’s not exactly “nice”.



And my last one for today, this nice Kevin Gray mastered Mosaic vinyl box set.

I guess this thread consumes 80% of PSAudio’s disk space…


Can I ask where you acquired this download? The physical media versions are slated for release on January 25th. Thanks.


That’s a nice set. My brother bought me the LPs. Don’t think there’s an alternative to the LPs. One of the recordings I’ll miss with no turntable.


You can get it on CD (17 tracks, 2 hours 33 minutes):


Holy crap, the vinyl is going for $330 on Amazon (looked it up for the CD). It should be fun and interesting to see what the real market is for Vinyl. I have some nice Vinyl including lots of Classic Records: Zep II, IV, The Who, etc. The asking prices on ebay and Amazon are crazy. Hoping for 1/2 these kinds of prices.


Prices on Discogs are probably closer to the real market:


Reality check. Oh well, still nice.


Its e.g. available on highresaudio.com since 4/1/19


EBay (selling! prices) and popsike.com (provides only selling prices) should deliver a good orientation


I could only find this album on Qubuz as a series of brief mp3 extracts. Instead I selected another work which I hadn’t heard before. I find Uccellini very easy to listen to.




J.S. Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier Book II


Wind Records was Tempo Records. Both were ‘head shops’.


Indeed it was. A record shop my parents wouldn’t let me go into as a kid. But then I got more mobile (car/bicycle) and so I went. I think they might have figured that it got cleaned up with the name change. Lol. [side note: Not sure if you remember Peacock Alley at Ford City Mall, but there was a shop there that was SERIOUSLY a head shop. While they “sold” records I don’t think that was their primary source of income. And being in Peacock Alley let them get away with being a bit sketchy]

Tempo/Wind was run by a really nice couple. They knew their music and they knew me when I came in and always had recommendations. I think they shut down while I was in college.

Senior year, my chemistry 2 teacher gave us “conference passes” (technically study hall
in the teacher’s classroom which doubled your lunch period) so that we (my friend Jon and I) could go to Wind during lunch hour to pick up Sgt Pepper’s on CD the day it came out. After hemming and hawing on why we wanted the pass, we devolved to the truth and hoped for pity and explained the real reason we wanted the pass. She was like “Oh! Well that’s a pretty good reason. Don’t do anything that will get me in trouble.” When we got to Wind, the lady proprietor had just opened the box and handed me a CD. “You get number 1, and you get 2”. Even if it wasn’t, that lady was a sweetie and always super nice to me.


I wanted to listen to THIS Donald.

Donald Byrd “Blackjack” BLue Note Japan SHM-CD