What Classical are you spinning?

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That reminds me how difficult it is to take distinctive musician photos. I met a guy a few years ago who does it for a living, and very well.



Some fantastic photos! Thanks for the link.

I met him at his exhibition “Treescape” in Oxford. Estonia is tree-heaven. His self-ish pictures are fantastic. Reflects his dry but hysterical sense of humour.


The XRCD version of this has great sound. I put it out to listen to after @spyman007 posted the LP a few weeks ago. Just getting around to a good listen.



I’ll bet that version sounds terrific!

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A couple of years ago, a biography about Van Cliburn came out. It’s called Moscow Nights. I thought it was very interesting.

He won the first Tchaikovsky piano competition in 1958, where the cover photo above was taken. The second competition was more interesting, a political equal first for Ashkensy and John Ogdon. The very wise panel Chairman was Emil Gilels. I read this book a few years ago, truly the saddest biography I’ve ever read, but well worth reading.


Thanks for posting that. Sounds interesting. A few years ago ArkivMusic released a collection of his RCA albums on CD at a ridiculous price. I got it and it’s become a favorite in my collection.

I have one or two on vinyl collecting dust and if are in the UK would happily send.

He had an strong affinity for Busoni and was obsessed with Melville’s Moby Dick most of his life. I’ve heard little Busoni, but did hear Igor Levit play a few pieces including the Fantasia contrappuntistica in this slightly ambitious recital.


Thank you for that offer, but I’m in the U.S.

Another biography that came out recently is the biography of George Szell. Written by the wife of one of the members of his orchestra who is also a musician. He is definitely the reason the Cleveland Symphony is on the map.

That sounds interesting. Thanks!

The Cleveland Orchestra has had a remarkable run of conductors and assistant conductors since the 1940s.