“In early 21st Century, this company introduced the P500.” “What iz PS Audio?” “Components for 1000” "In the P500, ‘R3’ is this value."

Yup, that’s kinda what it’s like. I bought this off Fleabay, and actually it was described as ‘regenerated outlets work, but not filtered outlets.’ II bought it anyway, hoping for a simple fix. This circuit board is the equivalent of the ultimate outlet. The good news is that it is not directly connected to the regenerater circuitry. The resistor shown next to R3 is a 560 ohm resistor, and I am thinking this one is too. Are schematics available?(I know, 20/20 hindsight).

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A little update…I have determined that the resistor in question is the 820 ohm, since it corresponds to the typical value from given values. Oh boy, more to come. For no other reason than to entertain some of you, I will update as time goes on.

I will be reading. Lol.


Hmmm, an issue of shipping damage may be present, i.e. this thing was dropped. Hard to see from photo, but the palm of your hand knows the difference.

Ok, here is the photo that I want to show.

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Sorry guys, here is a pint size version. You have to look at the shadows, and the impression is only towards the front of the unit. I assume that this happened because the unit was dropped flatly on it’s front face, causing the massive transformer to want to turn when forced straight down. Everything inside got a bit of whiplash.

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