What is the best audio file format to feed PS Audio DACSr through HDMI?

All my music files in formats including FLAC, WAV, DSF, and DFF are residing on the Melco N1A which is running MinimServer, streaming music through Matrix X-SPDIF 2 to PS Audio DACSr through HDMI/I2S. I currently have the following transcoding on MinimServer, dff:dopwav, dsf:dopwav, flac:wav. Do I do the right thing? Thanks for the advice.

Looks like that is correct. You can get a little better audio quality on DSD files (dff, dsf) with the switch on the bottom of the X-SPDIF 2 set to DoP to Native.

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Happy Melco N1ZS10 / Minimserver user over here :sunglasses:

You might try transcoding flac to wav24.

Setting the Matrix switch to DoP to Native is ok but i doubt it’s better, the DS transcodes back to DoP before upsampling to 20x DSD…

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DoP to Native is slightly better. How do I know? Because I tried it. Just a tiny bit less noise. It’s not night and day, but I find all things being equal, I enjoy it more set to Native.

Maybe you understand something about how the DS works that I don’t, but what you describe here about DoP transcoding makes no sense. Why would the DS use a DSD encoding/transmission protocol internally, packaging DSD into PCM in order to do DSD upsampling? Do you mean that the DS transcodes DoP to Native DSD? That’s how DoP works.

See this post from Ted…

No need to argue, just try both settings and pick your choice :sunglasses:

Fair enough. It is surprising to me that he uses it internally.

Having a separate path: wires/mux’s/fifo’s/sample rate detectors/DSD detectors/ etc for DSD running parallel to the PCM path but with a 16 times faster clock seems a little silly: especially with inputs being able to take in DoP which is designed to be carried in a 24 PCM path… That’s exactly what DoP was designed to do: take advantage of an existing 24 bit PCM path. When the math which processes the DSD starts, then obviously it’s unpacked from the DoP.