What is the lastest version of the PWD Bridge firmware

What is the latest Bridge firmware and where can it be downloaded ?


there is a 2.14f but I have no clue as to the difference.


Will it make my Elyric find my bridge?

Damn good question. The answer is a definite maybe.


Lmao. Yea maybe …

It is probably due to a uPnP discovery flaw (e.g. missing, instable or faulty XML reference).

From Wiki:


Once a device has established an IP address, the next step in UPnP networking is discovery. The UPnP discovery protocol is known as the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). When a device is added to the network, SSDP allows that device to advertise its services to control points on the network. Similarly, when a control point is added to the network, SSDP allows that control point to search for devices of interest on the network. The fundamental exchange in both cases is a discovery message containing a few essential specifics about the device or one of its services, for example, its type, identifier, and a pointer to more detailed information.'

You could try this tool:


The PWD Bridge firmware should be added to the PDW “official” firmware upgrade page (link)

I have another piece of the puzzle . I do not have dhcp enable all ip are static . And last jriver finds it and so does foo bar. Will the link still help?