What, where is Wavestream


I am new to PS Audio. Just bought PWT and PWD MK II (used). Reading everything on forum and other areas on this website. Keep seeing references to Wavestream, including a note last year where someone mentioned running it (to run MOG, whatever that is). Then I find comments by PM that Wavestream is within a couple of weeks of release (months ago). Then nothing. What is Wavestream, and where is it? Seems to be a lot of insider knowledge here that is going over my head. Somebody have mercy and get me up and running in this morass of seemingly incomplete conversations.


WaveStream is a Windoze or Mac driver that to the user applications looks like a sound card but what it does is take the audio output from the computer and sends it out the Ethernet port to be played by an Ethernet connected renderer such as a DirectStream or PWD with a network Bridge installed. This allows you to play any audio from the computer through your stereo system. It was intended as a way to get gapless playback through the PWD/Bridge.

Unfortunately the WaveStream project has yet to come to fruition. Mostly functional versions were sent to the beta test team but significant problems persisted and the contract programmers were unable to finish the project. PS Audio is still trying to figure out how to finish this project without going broke in the process, and are considering releasing it as an open source project to allow any programmer with the interest and capabilities to join in and contribute to the code. Nothing has been heard of this for a while now.

We are still waiting with interest and curiosity as some of us would still like to have this tool at our disposal to be able to play internet radio and other computer audio sources through our stereo systems.



Thanks very much for the reply. Is there a workable alternative option to accomplish this transfer of computer audio to a bridge equipped PWD II? Sorry if this is elementary. I have spent countless hours trying to sort these questions on my own to no avail.


I wouldn’t call it elementary, the programmers fought with trying to get a stable driver written for years, and failed. For the most part, if you are trying to get different sources of computer audio to your PWD, the best method is still going to be through USB, assuming your OS and software can translate it to the DAC in a format it can handle. In other words, if Foobar and Jriver can play it, then it probably can be sent via USB to your DAC. It will vary a lot, depending on what your source is. Foobar and Jriver can’t play to the bridge, they work with the bridge to enable it to grab the files from the DNLA and play them in the DAC. At least, that’s my understanding of the process.


There is no way that I know of to perform the same service to the PWD/Bridge as WaveStream is supposed to do. If you are using a Windoze system then Foobar2000 with the plugin foo.out.upnp can stream its output to the Bridge. Foobar2000 is capable of playing many internet radio stations if you can determine their URL or tcp/ip address and port. Unfortunately it cannot play streaming services such as quobuz, Pandora ot the like that require playing from a web browser instance or their own app.

Tell us what you really want to do and we can tell you yes or no and try help you get it working.



What do I want to do? Great question! I am trying to figure out what I can do with my newly acquired PWT & PWD MKII with bridge. I certainly want to try a few high res files. I might like to dabble with one or more of the low res streaming sources. I certainly will acquire an NAS and want to be able to access it with my PWD. And, if there is anything else that can be done, I want to learn what it is.

How much, if any, of this is overcome by the new DirectStream hardware?



For overall functions the PerfectWave DAC and the DirectStream DAC are essentially the same. The DirectStream DAC adds DSD capability and significantly improved sound quality. I will happily suffer along with my PWD/Bridge combo until I can afford to buy a DirectStream. :slight_smile:

If you want or need gapless playback from a digital library the options are limited. Foobar2000 with the foo.out.upnp plugin does this through the Bridge for me. Of course, this is limited to what foobar2000 can play. If your computer is in the audio room you can use a USB connection to get all audio services available on your computer through your audio system. This is useful because almost any media player on the computer will play gapless, the challenge is getting its output to the DAC and USB is an easy and good solution for this.

You cannot get gapless playback through the Bridge from a NAS. We hope that some time late this year PS Audio will release the Bridge 2 which will play gapless from any UPnP or DLNA server. We also hope that its network services and connectivity are much more robust as the current Bridge is prone to breaks in playback, losing connection and other misbehaviors if the network itself is less than solid. Many consumer network products seem to be less than solid… If you have Bridge issues, feel free to ask this group for help and advise - there is plenty of advice to go around. :smiley: