What you listening to/watching on YouTube?


Visited this show last Thursday:
Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets Carre Amsterdam


Al di Meola ‘Race with the devil on a Spanish highway’



Brave men fall with a battle cry
Tears fill the eyes of their loved ones and their brothers in arms
So it went, for Joseph Warren

It should have been different, it could have been easy
His rank could have saved him, but a country unborn needs bravery
And it spread like wildfire


From the ashes grew sweet liberty
Like the seeds of the pines when the forest burns
They open up, grow and burn again

It should have been different, it could have been easy
But too much money rolled in to ever end slavery
The cry for war spread like wildfire


Civil war came, Civil war went
Brother fought brother, the South was spent
But its true demise was hatred, passed down through the years

It should have been different, it could have been easy
But pride has a way of holding too firm to history
And it burns like wildfire


I was born a Southern son
In a small southern town where the rebels run wild
They beat their chest and they swear, “We’re gonna rise again.”

It should have been different, it could have been easy
The day that old Warren died, hate should have gone with him
But here we are, caught in the wildfire




And for you Dylan fans, here is quite a treat!



One of my favorite songs of all time, performed in New Orleans.


jeff Beck & Vinnie Colaiuta - Stratus (2007)


Jenny Was a Keeper. The Band of Heathens, Live at Antone’s in Austin TX. Seen them in Vegas, Chicago and Austin. Video quality is poor: sorry. Enjoy the groove and funny story.



Love this performance.


John Hiatt with Carl Perkins. It’s religious! Plus, it’s unapologetically American, just the way I like it.




I love Marty. One of my favorite album titles is his: “Songs I Learned at my Mother’s Knee and Other Low Down Joints”



Do you know if that performance is available on CD? So far all I have found is a version with instrumental backing that isn’t nearly as good.

P.S. I found Live! at the Ryman which has a Beatles Medley / Classical Gas track that should come close, so I ordered a copy.


One of my favorites of his. Not a lot of carnival stuff.


I have that Beatles medley queued on Spotify. I also ordered this and it’s pretty good.