What you listening to/watching on YouTube?


The magic of lots of compression.





Train blues (Roy Buchanan)




If you’re a musician or just love music, this is worth watching.


Goose-bump stuff just listening on my $10 Logitech speakers at work. Everything I love about music right there. I like the racial angle of Muscle Shoals too. It’s black R&B but the white boys can play.


Yeah, I loved Rod Stewart’s comment.


Or course more goodness!!


I’m a huge fan of Vasily Petrenko and what I consider to be remarkable recordings he and the Liverpool and Oslo orchestras have released.

In this video, Elgar’s second symphony is performed at the Proms.



A Danish orchestra playing an Italian composer’s music about the American west. Lots of fun!

What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)

Absolutely wonderful!

Watching is great fun. It also helps one appreciate both how brilliant and how difficult the piece is.


You gotta listen to this one… an old Bill Monroe classic, Jaruselem Ridge… Mark O’Connor live in the studio…

Bruce in Philly


Great post!


I continue to find interesting fiddlers will wear rings on their left fingering hand.

Violinists almost always have their rings on their right bow hand, no rings on the left.


It is odd.

All of them are classically trained and degreed. They are not country fiddlers. Mark is considered a modern day Mozart composing classical symphonic works among many skills… and has won many violin and guitar flatpicking contests in his younger years. When you have a resume like his… well he can wear the rings wherever he wants.

For piano keyboard players, you can usually tell who was classically trained by the way they hold their hand positioning… I was plunking away in a music store once… the salseguy came over and took one look… “you were classically trained”… umm… I had no idea how he knew… it certainly wasn’t the quality of my playing.

Interesting you picked out a detail like that. Were you classically trained on the violin?

Bruce in Philly


He definitely has chops.

Classically trained, but not violin, and lots of time sitting in orchestras and dating various string players, etc.