Where Do you put the volume/gain in the chain to your speakers

Nas source for music files
Network player can be configured with or without gain control via digital out
BNC ( digital ) from player to Marantz AVR input, AVR has volume control over this input
AVR pre-out to Crown Amp with also with volume control

right now I am using Player volume control, with AVR volume at about 60%, and Crown volume control at about 80%

what are the recommended source for gain/volume control


Volume Control in my system is controlled purely by my SGCD when in 2.0 channel mode. The HTPC/Music Server’s volume control is set to “100” when listening through USB. When playing 5.1 DSD or PCM files. I have my system optimized so “25” on both my Sony STR-DN1080 & my PS Audio SGCD/Preamp are actually level matched. I used the Sony’s D.C.A.C. DSP only to validate that speaker levels are the correct throughout the 5.1 channels. No EQ is applied on playback other than my “Dog’s Breakfast” Bose Series 2 EQ.

My Player has a basic line out setting which puts gain at 100% by default. This feeds my Marantz via digital in and then out via Marantz Pre-out connections which is RCA out to my Crown amp which is sent I will set at 80%. Under this configuration I can control volume via the Marantz IPhone amp.

I use the Marantz for two reasons one it acts as the DAC and two it converts the digital signal into Stereo RCA out

The only issue is going back and forth between Player app and Marantz amp, but it all works