where to leave excess cables

My speakers are positioned next to my audiorack. My right speaker is positioned next to the rack; the left speaker about 3 meters to the left. As I have the same lenghts of speaker cables for the left and right channel (6 meters each and 2 thick separate cables per channel) I now have a nice hump of cables from the right speaker rolled up under the rack. This may is not be ideal, but it’s now more or less out of sight. Do you perhaps have a better idea to deal with this in a proper way?

I have a similar situation, though to a significantly lesser degree. I use the roll of excess cable to collect cat toys and dust bunnies. It’s very effective.

Aside from purchasing shorter cables or moving the speakers further away or routing the cables under the floor, I think you’ve likely found the best solution.

Dust bunnies? Yes, that’s also a familiar problem, :wink: