Which CD or CD/SACD transport


Is that a one time fee for sacd or is that a yearly fee?


It’s a one time license fee that also includes all the Dolby and other licenses needed to comply.


So the DSD goodness to go over the cable via I2S is not allowed as a license holder because it makes the steam vulnerable to being seen. Is that correct?. Or developing a SACD player will take to long for PS Audio to do for us to use with our Directstream DAC products? I’m just trying to understand if it was a ROI or a development time line delay that caused PS Audio next transport to not do SACD. Should I look for a Oppo 203, or a DMP if I’m going to want a SACD player that I can use with my Directstream DAC for the foreseeable future? Thanks for helping me clear this up.


The Oppo 203 won’t allow you to transport DSD to the DirectStream DAC. . . . A DMP will.


My take away is; I bought a brand new ($6000) DMP in Aug. '18, only to find it has lost much of it’s value and is now just another old product!


If you have a lot of SACDs and can’t find a DMP in stock somewhere or used, you might be better off getting a good all in one SACD player, as the only good transports that allow SACD data transfer are super expensive such as by companies like DCS (the DCS is also only compatible with it’s own DACs for DSD decoding).

I would personally recommend something like a Marantz SA-10 - I had one before the DSDac/DMP combination and it sounds fantastic, it is also built like a tank (one of the best built CD players I’ve ever come across) and does a similar type of PCM to DSD conversion natively. You may be able to pick up a new one or a demonstrator model at a discount which would actually be cheaper than DMP (I think the RRP is about the same in the UK at least ~ £6K).



I have one of Oppomod IS2 card for my 103. But I’d like the 4K video options the 203 has. But I also want the best sound for my Directstream DAC. I wish my wife had let me get all three. All the SACD players I’ve seen from other brands don’t let you send the DSD signal over coaxial or toslink, etc. They only send DSD over the own proprietary connection to there DAC. I’m very happy with my Directstream DAC and don’t want to change that unless it’s to a TSS. :slight_smile:

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I am assuming that you have found the DS Sr./DMP combination to be superior to the Marantz SA-10, but would be interested in some details about your experience with both (in terms of sound quality), if you care to share.

Best regards, in any event.

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Just another old WONDERFUL sounding product for sure!


Agreed. Still, I found out less than a month after buying, it was discontinued.


DSR/DMP is better IMO but it is twice the price. I’d say the SA-10 gets very close to the combination for half the outlay but I am describing things from memory.

I was actually surprised at how good it was and I think some people may prefer the presentation of the SA-10 - it is not quite as warm as the DS Sr in the upper midrange. I’d say it’s a slightly more exciting presentation from memory, that said I did not have the BHK Pre/BHK 300 Monos combination so my system may not have done full justice to the SA-10 when I had it. I think it is definitely worth trying out if possible - would make an excellent Redbook transport too if you don’t care about I2S. Looks great too.

I also suspect the SA-10’s bulletproof build means that it will stand up to a lot more than either of the PS Audio items. There is no network input - only USB/AES/Toslink if I remember correctly but that is not a major problem as there are multiple devices that can act as external bridges if you stream.


Thank you!

Might look into a Marantz for a second system…


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And worse, they knocked $2000 off the price to get rid of what they had left.

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I initially posted this message in the PS Audio new speaker thread, don’t know how I got that mixed up. Here is how I think PS Audio could contribute SACD, DVD Audio, BluRay Audio etc.

Such a pitty Oppo is off the market. Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, SACD, incl. DAC (multichannel) HDMI switching, HDMI audio extraction, Network streaming, native DSD output through HDMI, even country code broken (tuned) went for <1000 US$.

Direct Stream Memory Player is financially no alternative for the Oppo (which shares the same mechanics and laser if I am not mistaken).

It would be really great if PS Audio would offer a Stellar Memory Player.
With a single stereo I2S out for PCM (CD, streaming) and DSD (SACD, Streaming) output to the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.
HDMI ARC for HDMI stereo audio extraction from any source connected to the TV incl. TV and HDMI 4K HDR video and Multi Channel Sound playback from Bly-Ray.
Ethernet in for streaming and BluTooth for user interface and streaming.
All digital, just 4 physical connectors, no DAC, no display, just slot drive and eject button with status LED.
This would complete the Stellar system and would stop our search for OPPO alternatives and allow for a good sleek looking system in our living space.
Let’s keep hoping.

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There is a photo embedded in the DMP forum somewhere of its internal gizzards. The red bits are PS Audio, the black bits are Oppo. Or it might be the other way around. Or the colors might be different. Whatever.


I wonder if it would be possible for PSAudio to try out the same transport as used by Marantz in the SA10 and Ruby players for their new transport? Since they both decode SACDs as well it may provide a similar solution to the Oppo and they are also way better quality than the Oppo.


Don’t all kinds of luxury items go on sale all the time! I’m thinking about ordering a new 2019 BMW with everything I want. Somewhere around $65K. The 2019 has 355 hp. There is a modest rumor the 2020 will have 30 hp more. Will that make the 2019 crap? The value of the 2019 will be less for sure. Also, it’s towards the end of the model year, they often increase incentives. If I order now and they offer incentives just after I order, should I be bitter? Isn’t all of this just the nature of the beast? Do they have to hold out on MSRP regardless? I know with certainty, the market on these products won’t allow PS Audio to hold the line forever. The market gets a vote: yay!


I’m 99% sure Paul has previously said they have already decided on what optical drive mechanism will be used in the DMP replacement, and I’m 100% sure that optical drive will not read SACD.

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@Brodric So exactly why would any PS Audio customer buy the DMP if it ain’t gonne play the DSD layer through the I2S interface which is the big PS Audio uniques selling point on the Direct Stream equipment?


What is a DMC?