Which IOS DLNA app works with PerfectWave DAC

i don’t use J River,but the four apps I’m trying don’t seem to pickup the Bridge As an option. Every NAS box shows up with my content, but when they list the SERVERS, I get every option but the Perfect Wave Bridge.

Which apps does everyone use please?

mike s

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try minim server on your NAS and control with Linn Kinsky.

I assume you mean “player” or “renderer” rather than “servers”. The server would be your NAS and associated software (Asset, Twonky or whatever your server uses). Minimserver seems to be highly recommended for NAS use with PSA DACs, as Gordon suggests.

Try mconnect for iPhone or mconnect HD for iPad. Both work beautifully for me and index (relatively) quickly.


Thank you all very much

Mike Siegel

I tried the minim server and it crashed. I also purchased and downloaded the server It finds all of my source ( NAS boxes etc) as well as the other possible players ( Oppo 105, Stream Magic 6, Olive ONEs.

Why doesn’t the Perfect Wave Bridge show up on any of the apps ? It son the same network. The write-up from PS Audio, makes it seem as plug and play. ALL Of my other pieces of equipment do just that. What is it in the BRIDGE , that prevents it from showing up on all of the PLAYER

I appreciate all of your help. The Perfect Wave clearly sounds better than anything I have or have heard. I can have all the music go thru my Stream Magic 6 or the OPPO 105 first, then digital cable into the DAC, but it sounds MUCH better when I eliminate everything.

Mike Siegel

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I have used MinimServer for a while now and it is quite stable for me and for others I know. What did you install it on? I assume you have Java installed. Simon, the developer of MinimServer, is very helpful if you go to their forum. It’s worth another try. (I have it on a Synology NAS.)

For the Bridge: can you see the Bridge on the front panel of your DS? That will confirm it’s installed correctly. It will probably show up as i2s input rather than ‘Bridge’ (unless you rename it). If you see the Bridge on the front panel but not in any control points, try to resetting the UPnP server. Log in to the network address of the Bridge from a browser to do this. If that doesn’t work, reboot the DAC, and if that still doesn’t work, reboot the whole system; shut everything down and restart one component at a time, ending with the DS.the

Edit: I just saw in another thread that you are using a wireless adapter connected through the USB port on the Bridge. If I understand correctly, that USB port is intended for use with emergency fixes to Bridge firmware and not for normal use as a regular USB port. If you have not done so, I would try using a wired connection and see if that enables your control points to locate the Bridge. Maybe someone at PSA can confirm whether or not the USB port on the Bridge will work properly as you are trying to do. I don’t know enough about this to say for sure.

I also don’t think that will work, although early on a couple of beta testers (not me) did get wireless USB dongle’s that PSA was trying to develop. If you can’t get to the Bridge using your browser as magister suggested you’re not connected. If running cables is not possible, several people have had success with ethernet power line adaptors. You can also connect using a wireless access point, although that may not be as reliable.

The use of the wireless dongle, actually works perfectly. I will try to hard wire the DAC to my

Apple Extreme router. Since I posted (earlier today), I got PlugPlayer for IOS to work. It takes about a minute for the PerfectWave DAC to show up as a PLAYER. When it does, it sounds amazing.

All of my music does sound better,much clearer.

I am also able to switch LPs relatively fast. The name of the group and track are on the DAC screen. The only issue now is, I cannot get the PlugPlayer app to start. The STOP button does not work.i have to force quit the app, which causes the DAC to freeze. I have to re-boot the DAC, in order to get the contents off the screen.

thanks to all in advance


One more thought. Try setting a static IP address for the Bridge. Many of us have found that this improves reliability. (I actually set static addresses for all my network audio components, but the Bridge is probably the most crucial.) If you need instructions for how to do this let us know. There used to be instructions here but they got lost when PSA moved to the new forum.


Magister asked some good questions. I am home if you want to do it on the phone [faster].

1/ do you see the Bridge as a selectable input on the DAC?

2/ if so then scroll to the Bridge info screen on the dac and jot down the IP address.

3/ enter the IP address into a computer on the same network anf the Bridge web page should come up.

Under "network configuration change the DHCP setting to “NO” if it is not so already.

If you can, also give a static IP to your NAS and wireless bridge [donglr not the DAC Bridge].

I would then do a cold boot of your entire network [power unplugged] and restart beginning with your router, then NAS, DAC etc.

Much better if you are hardwired ethernet to the dac but if your wireless connection is strong it should be fine. [ 5hrz works best if no walls between router and nodes].

If 1+2 are good then it is all about your network set up.

Good luck


Thank you very much.

the bridge is “working” properly. I can pull the bridge up with any browser.On the network settings tab, it shows an ip of, even though the IP range coming out of my AirPort Extreme starts with . I have my power line adapter as well as the wireless dongle all coming off the AirPort Extreme, to make sure everything is on the same network.

when I touch the DHCP icon on the DAC , the IP range changes from the range to the range. Why does it do that pls?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I can use the DirectStream DAC WITH PLUG-PLAY IOS app on my I Pad. It just takes a few minutes for the DAC option to highlight,so it can be chosen.

If you suggest, I can bring my DAC upstairs to my computer room, where I can use Ethernet cable directly to the Airport box,to see if the DAC shows up on my other IOS apps.

kind regards

Mike S

I’m no expert on networking but I believe Apple routers use 10.xx numbers and most others assign 192.xx addresses. Is it possible you have more than one router assigning addresses? For example, your cable or DSL modem as well as the Apple Extreme?

No. I have FOS internet. They use an Actiontec router. I turned off the Wireless output of the Actiontech router. I have one cable going into the Apple Airport Extreme Router. That distributes IP addresses that I specify, starting with 10.0.1.XX.

Thank you for taking the time to comment, but that issue would not isolate the DAC. It would effect ALL of the units on the wireless network

(NAS boxes, computers, Powerlineetc )

Mike S


i think you gave us a clue earlier.

what is the IP address of A extreme? 10.0xxx?

compare the range to th bridge IP.

Example, if the extreme is And the bridge is 192.168.249. Then the 249 is the issue. (Ps audio default)

if your extreme is extending the 10.0.xxx of the ISP modem/router then the ISP of your extreme needs to be on the same range.

check on the extreme if it and other nodes are indeed all in the 10.0xxx range.

Can you identify what type of wireless dongle and what IP it has? If it is the old PSA dongle, the newer firmware does not support it.

phone is faster.

Ill try to reach ALEX by phone on Wednesday. I understand that he was tied up from the show last weekend.




write down the IPS (can use Fing) as this will help him.

if you go to the Bridge web page and change the IP of the dac to within your router range, change dhcp from yes to NO, and also check that the gateway address os the same as your router IP.

YOU MIGHT HAVE TO DO A REPEAT ALL afterwards but I suspect this should work.

Good luck


magister said


One more thought. Try setting a static IP address for the Bridge. Many of us have found that this improves reliability. (I actually set static addresses for all my network audio components, but the Bridge is probably the most crucial.) If you need instructions for how to do this let us know. Tutuapp.vip There used to be instructions here but they got lost when PSA moved to the new forum.

Thank you so much for the information