Which is it?


When I first sit down to listen to music, and push play, within the first 15 seconds my volume decrease’s a few db’s. What is causing that, my pre-amp, (Krell S-1000) my PWD, or JRivers? It drives me nuts!!


My guess would be jrmc.

What are you using to control it?


Just using straight jrmc, if that’s what you mean?


There is a max vol setting in jrmc. Try setting it to 100%.


There is also a volume leveling feature as well. It too has a few settings.



I figured it out. It was the encoder setting on jrmc. I now have it set to "uncompressed, and, wow, what a difference!


Sounds like you were probably streaming in mp3. That’s easy to do by mistake in JRMC. Glad you figured it out.




Didn’t know you could stream compressed wav. In any event, the JRiver settings can be a pain.


They are a major pain. Even though I think I do understand most of the settings , I still get screwed how they effect each other.