Which of my components react very positively to the P10 Clean function

My system is powered by two P10s (multiwave 6). It’s a large active system using a digital crossover and Directstreams (seniors). I’ve discovered that if I run a couple of long Cleans (i.e. approx 2 * 1 minute) the system is very sharp/clear (good) compared with letting it run for a few sessions, after which it gets relatively congested sounding (bad). The components that have obviously analogue features are:

2 * BHK250s - driving tweeters/mids
1 * Crown CE4000 - running bass - this amp has an internal switch mode power supply (otherwise it’d be excessively heavy)
1 * Wyred4Sound PS1 linear power supply, driving four W4S coax reclockers and one W4S USB reclocker. This is fitted with four 9V 1amp outputs.
3 * Directstream senior for tweeter/mid/bass

The more ‘digital’ components are:

DEQX HDP-5 digital crossover providing 3 * 96/24 coax outputs
1 * Chord M-Scaler - upscales 44.1/16 to 88.2/24 fed from a WFS Recovery USB reclocker (the 88.2/16 output gets upscaled to 96/24 by one of the W4S Remedy reclockers). The M-Scaler is not cheap but nevertheless has a switch mode power supply (which Chord must be happy with)
Melco N1A Server outputting ripped CDs via USB to the M-Scaler

Obviously I could turn zones off and by a process of elimination eventually conclude which parts of the system benefit most from a Clean - this would take me several weeks, hence I’m asking PSA for advice.

BTW, the procedure I use when I power down the system is to use the DS remote to turn the DSs off. I then turn the BHKs off from their front panel switches and I turn the power off to the Melco from it’s front panel switch - I let the Melco power down its drives etc which takes a few seconds (I do this because it has two disc drives in it and don’t want to risk a disk failure). Finally i turn off a P10 from its front panel switch - a 12v trigger powers down the other P10. Zones get their power removed in sequence, e.g. the amps are powered off first.

If the system is congested and I do a clean it seems at least a couple of db louder. I suspect it’s the Directstreams that benefit most from the clean rather than, say, the BHK250s or the Crown. I’ve no idea how much the W4S PS-1 would change after a clean. I presume that the more digital components, e.g. the DEQX crossover (coax in, three coax out) and the Chord M-Scaler (USB in, coax out) wouldn’t benefit from the clean function - is that correct?.

[one final question, do the newer regenerators (P12/P15/P20/PP3) do anything that can help transformers not to magnetise, e.g. provide power to zones at a particular time within the output cycle]

Thanks a lot, Dan.

Update 11 June. I’ve been powering off the entire system after every session because the power draw of all the amps etc in standby is quite a lot - I sometimes go several days between listening sessions. Which components are likely to dislike this treatment?.

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There’s a lot of information here and I’m not terribly sure there are too many people that will be able to offer you helpful advice without your exact system. The general consensus I have with my customers is they do the clean function maybe once every other month.

As far as downstream magnetizing transformers, the new regenerators don’t do anything different from the older generation.