Which Software still works for the Bridge I?

Hello PS Audio Fans,

i’m a happy owner of the PerfectWave DAC MKII with a Bridge I. Unfortunately i didn’t use the Bridge for the last month but now i want to use it :slight_smile:

Sadly the eLyric Software for Mac or iOS (i am a full Apple User) isn’t available any longer :frowning:
Normally i want to stream with Audirvana+ but i can’t get it to work. I tried JRiver but it is not my piece of software at all and the Qobuz/Tidal integration is not as good as on Audirvana.

I set up JRiver anyway but i can’t get a reliable connection to the Bridge. The Bridge shows up and disappears in JRiver all the time. The Network connection to the Bridge is stable with an Apple Airport Express and a very good Neyton Ethernet Cable CAT 7+.

I hope that anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Many greetings from Europe

I used JRiver with Bridge I for several years before I purchased Bridge II. My recollection regarding Bridge I was a fixed IP address for the Bridge was critical. I ended up assigning a fixed IP for my JRiver music server and Bridge I (I even assigned a fixed IP to my controller device, iPhone with JRemote, but that’s not really necessary). Rebooted everything, including router and all worked very reliably after that.

P.S. Once you get the connection stable, run this program:


Then make all the suggested settings in JRiver. Sorry it’s complicated but that’s primarily because Bridge I doesn’t follow DLNA standards as closely as it should. JRiver is flexible enough to fix poorly designed renderers.

Hello amsco15 and thanks for you reply.

Strange to say but on my first try i was able to connect the bridge with JRiver and could play music over ethernet. After a while JRiver lost the connection and from that i was not able to connect the bridge again. But nothing changed. No DHCP release, no reboot or anything else.

I don’t have a dedicated music server, is use my MacBook Pro for that. So am i right that i should set a fix IP for my MacBook and for the Bridge? Sadly Media Renderer Analyser by Whitebear doens’t work on Mac OS. Do you know if there is an alternative?

Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Greetings from europe

Yes, set static IPs for both your MacBook and Bridge I! If you can borrow a friend’s Windows machine just to run the Whitebear Media Analyser, it will be worth it. You don’t need JRiver installed on the machine to complete the analysis. It only takes a few moments. I also wouldn’t worry about fixing the IP on the friend’s Windows machine just to run the analysis. I would fix the Bridge I IPs address before running the analysis. Bridge II is a little finicky but nothing like Bridge I; however, it does work well once you get it set up!

BTW: A dedicated server isn’t necessary at all. My first JRiver machine was a very old and under powered Dell laptop with a USB connected hard drive for music storage. It worked perfectly for a very long time. I can’t imagine any reason why the same reliable setup isn’t possible on your MacBook.