Which version of JRiver To Use With Bridge

I recently bought a DS DAC with a Bridge 1 installed. Computer is an iMac with OSX El Capitain, music is on an external HD connected via Firewire. The Mac is connected with Cat5 cable to the router, and the Bridge connected to the same router. Last night I downloaded JRiver 19.0.163 and successfully imported the music library, then got JRemote on my iPad and could see the music on both. This morning I was going to continue the setup of JRiver on the iMac but it won’t open. Could this be because I didn’t download the most recent version 21.0.19? I thought maybe version 19 was better with fewer issues and more stable.

I’m always using the latest, stable version which is 21.0.8. I’m a big fan of JRiver and I’m already using the software on a dedicated Mac mini for a very long time without major issues. It proved (in my setup) to be very stable with the Bridge. Recently I bought a Bridge II for gapless playback. If you’re experiencing issues and drop these on the forum, the first thing you hear is to update to the latest version.

Okay I’ll get 21.0.8 for Mac. In my original question I mistakenly said the most recent is 21.0.19 which is for PC not Mac.