Which Zappa disc are you currently spinning?



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One track from the upcoming Zappa in New York 5-CD Deluxe Edition is now streaming on TIDAL (the sample track release date in the below image is wrong, it should read 01/24/2019):

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I’ve tried several times now to listen to various Zappa albums. Every time, I can barely make it through the first track. There’s obviously millions of fans out there that love his music. I’m just not one of them.


It doesn’t sound like you are seeking a listening recommendation, but if you are, check out Packard Goose (which is definitely NSFW!).


Or maybe try to make it through a Merzbow track first and then check out FZ again :grin: I’m only half joking… no offence - that could be an ear opener… ‘Packard Goose’ is fantastic, actually dic 2 of ‘Joe’s Garage’ (at least from ‘Keep It Greasy’ to ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay’) is pure gold! Check out the drummer’s work for instance… unbelievable!


New on Qobuz, only for the diehard :sweat_smile:

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I checked TIDAL and Spotify and did not see NYE 1973 … How are the show and sound quality?

I did find this, though, which is not Frank, but it is pretty interesting:


Bad SQ but a nice document for diehards…

On Tidal search ‘Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention’:

…and a search on ‘Mothers of Invention’ delivers some other rare albums:

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Thanks for the tip, but I just checked “Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention” and “Mothers of Invention,” and no luck here in the USA. Could be a Europe vs. USA streaming rights issue…


Could be…
Over here a Tidal search on ‘Frank Zappa’ results in 103 releases:
35 Albums, 18 Compilations and 50 Live Albums.
(Qobuz presents 121 releases).

Just curious, what’s the score in the USA?


Hi, by my count, TIDAL has the following for “Frank Zappa”:

  • 36 albums (including two versions of Over-Nite Sensation);

  • 17 compilations; and

  • 47 live albums (including two versions of Roxy & Elsewhere).

I am seeing nothing (other than “Appears On”) for “Mothers of Invention” and “Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.”


Remarkable, however it’s a close call…
Could someone in the USA do a search in Qobuz…?


This bootleg contains arguably the best live version of “Black Napkins” (an excerpt of which appears on the official “Zoot Allures” album).




This DVD-Audio disc is great, and it includes portions of the legendary 10/31/1978 concert at NYC’s Palladium. Many Zappa fans want the Zappa Family Trust to release the full 10/31/1978 concert.


Is this playing on a DMP? DVD-Audio?


This seems to be unobtainable, at least in Germany :tired_face:


Hi, no DMP here. I have an OPPO UDP-205.


The best way I know of to obtain the Osaka show from 2/3/1976 is via BitTorrent. At last check, it is available on the Zappateers tracker (I would suggest the remastered raw tape as opposed to the “Eyes of Osaka” bootleg, but I think Zappateers has both). Failing that, the bootleg is on YouTube here:


Cool, thanks!

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