Who was the first American President?


clue: no cherry tree involved.


Don’t tell me, let me guess… It was a Canadian.



John Hanson




Did you know or did you look it up? truth?

In fact GW was the 8th president but the first with a somewhat functional constitution.


No. but we did burn the White House though. >:)


I thought it was painted white after it was torched so technically it was neither Canadians who torched it (too early) and it wasn’t the whitehouse when torched.


Who was the one with the idea for the fist dome White House ?


ok, so I looked it up.

The origin of the first dome began with the Capitol design contest sponsored by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, at the behest of President George Washington, in 1792. The winner of the contest, Doctor William Thornton, called for a dome in his original design for the building.[3] Most vividly, Thornton drew upon the Roman Pantheon for inspiration with the Neoclassical dome and associated portico.

How about the design origin of the Washington monument?


The Washington Monument is an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first American president.

And a French contractor was hired to construct building and terminated in 1792 for not having any plans .


Fun with Google!



Both. I knew it was the president of the congress under the articles of confederation but I had forgotten his name so I googled first president under articles of confederation and it had a list of 7, each of who served one year terms.

The president of the congress was in no way similar to what the current job of president is however.


I, too, would have needed to Google the name. I remembered only that these people existed.



yes, apparently 1 year terms were the rule at the time.

It took a while for the many separate “sects” to come together and agree to somewhat agree.

GW’s military prowess was a boon in this regard.


Yes and our congress and senators strangely have no term limits . And congress only needs to be elected once and have health care for life. If it were up to me we should have 4 years and out with no benifits for life

It is reticular at how they vote for them selves.