Why can't I listen LOUD?

An uncountable multitude of ways to deconstruct the mentioned “sound” of a transducer. Tailoring like this will work for the ear and skull proportions, neural feedback (etc) of some and fall for some.

Audio reproduction circuits are complex enough, the sensory system is so complex that we’re just flaking the surface in trying to understand.
Studying these relationships in depth is quite a science.

(Though even without experience I blindly trust that SET topology is a very good alleviation for most problems people have with tolerability to sound sigs, when care is taken with matching)

Gotta admit that a multitude of anxiolytic medicines (and OF COURSE alcohol) alleviate this excessive ear fatigue condition by a great extent. Can’t recommend getting hooked, just saying…
This leads me to think that this type of ear fatigue is actually related to reflexive stressing of the small muscle in and around the ear. If this response is dulled for example by gabaergic modulation or calcium channel modulation, moderately loud music is heard LOUD AND CLEAR.