why install roon when using NAS ?

My system: Direct Stream DAC with Torreys; Bridge 2; Synology NAS; ipad with Mconnect to control the system.

I like the system now without using my computer and only using the ipad. I understand that when using ROON the computer has to be switched on. I only consider adding a computer in my system when there is an dramatic improvement in reproduction of the music to be expected.

Mconnect on the ipad operates rather well, anyway a lot better than eLyric. Drawback is that changing things like sequence have to be made on the HD via the NAS. PS audio manufactures great equipment and service it is only a pity that they do not have their own software to control the machines…

Is the latest firmware update for Bridge 2 only necessary when using ROON? or can I skip it when not using ROON?

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My understanding is there’s really no need to update to the latest Bridge firmware if you’re not using Roon.

I have the same setup as you and I asked the same question. Paul said that the Bridge update is not needed for non-Roon users.

Some people use Roon for exploring new music but disconnect the computer for critical listening.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Drawback is that changing things like sequence have to be made on the HD via the NAS.” Can you explain further?

Sorry, it was not clear. I hope the following will help.

Ripped compact discs using XLR sometimes show a different sequence when using Mconnect to play the music. A nuisance when listening to classical music. To get the similar sequence of the original cd I tried Mconnect, but unfortunately this was not succesful.

Is it possible you accidentally set it for random play? That will scramble the playlist every time.

I would check the settings in your ripping software carefully. Most rippers are set by default to include the track numbers. If somehow they are not being included, or are not the first thing in the filename, that might explain your problem.

I also remember once getting tracks out of order when I somehow told my control point to display things by title rather than track number. So all the movements titled ‘Adagio’ came before those titled ‘Allegro.’ I can’t remember now what software this was or how that setting was applied, but it was a one-time thing and it was my mistake.

The takeaway, however, is that this should not be a problem with correctly ripped CDs. I listen to classical music rips all the time and have used many different control points and servers without encountering this issue (except once). I suspect something about the ripper settings.

Thanks for the help!

I will pay extra attention to the setting of the ripper software and hope this will solve the problem.