Will PSA ever get into the Turntable business?

Do you guys/gals think PSA will ever get into designing and building turntables?

The reason I ask is because PSA started out with a phono preamp back in 1973, have made several more excellent phono preamps over the years, and are in the process of working on one currently.

On top of that, you’ve now dove into designing and building loudspeakers, not to mention that now in your new building, plan on having a recording studio and producing your own recordings. I would imagine that not only would you be producing digital media, but also vinyl.

It would only make sense that at some point, you guys/gals develop a turntable or two of your own, one for the Stellar line and one for the BHK line.

IF you do decide to do this at some point, please do us all a favor and NOT put tubes right next to the tonearm on the BHK model like a certain other major high end brand just did. LOL

P.S. - I hope this is the correct area to post this thread. If not, well… I’m sure you’ll let me know. :wink:

This appears to be as good a spot as any for your thread. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I thought so, but wanted to be sure. :+1:

Knowing Paul, I’m sure he’d find a way to perfect the laser-reading system that had been tried before but flopped because the designers didn’t think about how to make it, you know, sound good.

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It’s certainly something interesting to think about, isn’t it?

Our specialty is (and has been since 1973 with that first phono stage) in building world class electronics that punch way above their price point. Our engineers are phenomenal at finding innovative solutions and cutting-edge approaches to make exceptional electronics at sane prices.

Dirty power causing erratic performance? How bout we find a way to rebuild the power perfectly.

Class D amps always sound brittle and bright? Let’s build a brilliant analog stage to balance that out.

So the question really comes down to this: is there a problem with turntables or a cutting edge approach we can take? Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. I don’t know. I do know there are a lot of projects in our engineering department that I don’t get to hear about until they have their legs under them, though.

Haha I guess all of that is to say, there is always the possibility.

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All very true.

I was just daydreaming a little and was thinking of what they would possibly look like…

For the Stellar, I was thinking a plinth that was built to mimic the Stellar GCD, a.k.a. - the split aluminum face in front with the Standby button, same display, same knob, same mode button. The Standby button would work as it does now, the mode button would allow dimming of the display, and the knob would select 33-1/3 and 45. Of course, the Stellar chassis would have to be a bit deeper to accommodate the 12" platter.

For the BHK version, it could be based off of either the DS Jr DAC or BHK preamp chassis.

With all of them, the chassis’ are thick enough to incorporate multi-layer plinths with plenty of dampening and isolation from the PS, motor, platter bearing and tonearm. These chassis’ are the perfect width to accommodate a standard 9" tonearm.

Call me crazy, but I’m getting excited just thinking about these designs in my head! LOL

Although I’m sure Paul would find innovative approaches, I think this wouldn’t be a good idea for many reasons. I think it wouldn’t be something based on a comparable conviction, experience and passion as for the other product ranges.

There seems to be a market for everything, even e.g. a McIntosh turntable with amp exterior. But I think there are brands, which, due to their historic mindset and/or expertise/experience are not perceived as authentic in terms of each and every product by customers.

I don’t know. I tend to disagree.

Reason being is that vinyl and the turntable are a “main” source these days for many audio systems big and small, not just a piece of gear that’s being held onto in the sake of nostalgia that’s used every once in a while to play “dad’s old albums”.

Every day, there’s more and more musicians and record labels out there coming out with albums on vinyl. Likewise with hifi companies coming out with new models of turntables every year, not to mention old names in the game such as Crosley and Elac getting on the bandwagon. Even Yamaha, Denon, Sony and Technics are back in the game.

That’s not to mention new companies popping up left and right such as U-Turn and Mofi.

There’s a calling out there for vinyl and turntables, and a long lasting, well known and respected brand like PSA would certainly benefit from introducing their own take on the good ole’ turntable.

Just my 2 cents.

yes, you look at it from another side (in terms of vinyl being a possible successful extension of PSA‘s business by serving the vinyl hype), which is valid. I just don’t think this alone matches PSA‘s usual approach.

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I wouldn’t exactly refer to it as “hype”. In fact, I wouldn’t call vinyl hype at all.

I’m (also) a vinyl guy since roughly 40 years myself, so don’t count me negative on it…I just see the availability of record players by more or less any HiFi company and also the risen interest of many as a (generally positive) hype, generating also a lot of redundant products and releases.

I’m not counting you as being negative against vinyl. Not at all.

But in terms of redundant products and releases, that’s exactly what the audio industry is built on. Countless amplifiers, countless loudspeakers, countless DAC’s, countless cables. There’s plenty more redundancy with amps and loudspeakers than there are turntables.

That’s true! I just don’t see this redundancy as a benefit and redundant (in terns of „without serious approach and lifeblood“) products as beneficial for the reputation of a company.

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By “vinyl hype” do you mean vinyl is currently a fad?

Just an FYI, I didn’t post this thread as a spot to start a debate about vinyl vs digital or vinyl alone. Not saying you’re doing that, but I just don’t want others to try turning this thread into a thread like that.

I was just wondering about PSA’s thoughts on the subject. Personally, I think it would be really cool and possibly a good move for them. But I could also be wrong. :yum:

I do not think this is going in the direction of a vinyl v. digital debate. But I could be wrong as well. :slight_smile:

For me I am simply curious what vinyl hype is, good or bad.

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Yes sure. Which doesn’t mean that’s bad for the people buying and for the business. It also doesn’t diminish its general virtues, it just means it’s a special hype for some reason just as some time white cars or Harley bikes are hip and another time black cars or race bikes. For those who always loved white or black cars, Harley’s or race bikes, this doesn’t matter at all, it’s just an observation of a current fad.

It’s just that a hardcore race bike driver would roll eyes when Harley Davidson would suddenly make race bikes just because of the fad…those hardcore race bike drivers would never buy a race bike from HD because it doesn’t fit to their history and conviction. Others wouldn’t care and make use of the expanded market…for me just like buying a McIntosh or maybe PSA record player :wink:

Fads are no better or worse than the underlying product or activity. A vinyl fad is good for anyone who enjoys vinyl and for audiophilia as a whole.

Exactly…it is just what it is …and not the best reason for entering a product segment in terms of authenticity …but a valid one.

I will be surprised if PSA designs or manufactures a turntable. The company is such a digital R&D power house so I don’t see it. I think the same way about Chord.

However I would bet money PSA will NEVER design nor manufacture an analog reel-to-reel tape deck.

When I visited MR1 in their previous facility, I think the turntable had been repurposed as a spot to charge a tablet.