Will PSA ever get into the Turntable business?


I don’t see it happening either as even the conglomerate that is McIntosh sources through Clearaudio and puts their own “exterior skin” on them.


Exactly. And unlike the current lads at the F.I.N.E. group who resorted to Clearaudio, I am of the idea that Paul being the dedicated and meticulous man that he is, would not do it that way. He’s have PSA strive for involvement in every aspect, detail and development stage of such TT which would be tedious and expensive. And I think ultimately Paul wouldn’t undertake that huge project.


And in case one doesn’t want to buy 3rd party components like motor drive and tonearm, this would have to be developed, too…with loads more listening tests and voicing than with electronics I guess, as there is no obvious right or wrong in mechanical design…