Will the BHK 250 drive Wilson Sabrinas to higher volumes? 95% jazz, etc., but I do like rock

These speakers can pose an issue to some amps. I may upgrade from M700s which have not had an issue but wanted to ask.

Wilson Sabrina. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m at 1kHz. Frequency response: 31Hz–21kHz, ±3dB, Room Average Response. Minimum amplification: 50Wpc.
_2.53 ohms minimum @ 139 Hz
However, there is also a combination of 4.44 ohms and a capacitive phase angle of –58° at 72Hz, a frequency where music can have considerable energy; this will place a significant demand for current on the partnering amplifier.

Sabrina is an entry-level Wilson speaker. I’d be staggered if an amplifier with the pedigree of BHK would have any difficulty with this speaker.

Entry level or not, I just wanted to ask and make sure. McIntosh for instance stated concern with any amp (theirs) w/o autoformers because of these specs. I’m just being cautious. Also maybe someone who has upgraded from 700 to 250 might chime in to on the difference?
This is a good forum so I figured I would get good accurate unbiased information. Big decision in my world… Thanks for the input…

While there is a good amount of energy at 70Hz in a rock or full orchestral recording, and the speakers is demanding, I am certain the BHK 250 will do the job. I would not hesitate to pair the two. (The 2.5 ohms at 139Hz places additional stress on the amp as, again, there is a lot of of energy here in pop music and the amp must be cable of delivery a good amount of current.)

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Thanks Elk… This is why I posted- to get a few inputs from you, Brodric and whomever might chime in. Also it seems that I owe Darren a pat on the back as well. I had the 700s way before the Sabrinas. Never thought twice until after, and through discussion on another forum someone threw these specs at me. (not everyone is a Wilson fan - lol) But the good ol 700s are hanging in there. I can only imagine that the current will be more robust in the 250 and the input stage will be noticeable as well.

I don’t know how they compare to the Sabrina’s but my BHK 250 has no trouble with my Sophia 3’s. My listening room is small and I tend not to blast it but I can if I’m so inclined.

They are similar at 87db. Yours dips to 3.1 vs 2.5 but spec wise similar I think. My current room is fairly large at about 20X30 but I don’t really need to fill a stadium. My direct listening area seems to have enough SPLs. I do blast it but like a car and top speed, it’s a small % of the time. I have not even found the need to sub. Thanks for the input stevem2

May just give a 250 a try. I know Paul has a vid referring to the superiority of mono-blocks, which the 700s are but I am hoping I am making a good choice in the 250. I will also try with pre and without- see if maybe that input stage really makes a difference vs the 700s. It should be fun. Thanks for everyone’s input!

Once you’ve owned a good pair of mono power amps you’d never go back to a stereo power amp again.

The 250 is a fine choice and it’s important to remember that as excited as we may get with the mono blocks its the 250 that was the original and the standard bearer for the line. It’s an excellent choice.

Thank you Paul. The 700s were great especially considering the price point. Brodric may have a point (from his perspective surely) and he may be right. Your vid Paul also speaks well of the technology and application. I could of stayed with monos and went Bryston or many other Mfgs but I wanted to stay with PSA if at all possible. The 300s just are not in the cards today. Although when I started with the S300, I never would of imagined a BHK in the living room.

I hope I’m not “downgrading” from mono blocks to a poor old BHK 250 stereo amp (lol). But I’ll know this afternoon. I am also anxious to try the amp with and without a pre direct from Jr. (due to tube input stage) just for some fun. Maybe try tubes as well eventually. Perhaps someday the 300s but I consider myself blessed indeed to try out a BHK… Should be fun.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in here. To complete this thread per say, Yes the 250 will drive my speakers. I have not reached max SPL (however the bass drivers were definitely moving) but on first night out I’m not pushing it. Set up was simple but I needed like 5 guys to carry the amp (jk) but I did need help. I’m also using a PSA power cord that was not getting use. The sound is different from the 700s, some in the upper end but certainly in the bass. I won’t try and give a review here but the upgrade is obvious. Later I’ll play around a bit but just breaking stuff in at the moment. I also did not realize how warm the Jr gets and there is some heat with the 250 too… All as designed I’m sure.

I’d like to extend the mono-concept to the DAC also, such as Esoteric Grandioso D1. If PS Audio were to build a DirectStream mono-DAC would be very appealing. No touchscreen, just the pure timelessly elegant lines of the PureWave chassis and the very best cost-no-object internals they know how to build.

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If you get a chance to pick one up used from Pete or somewhere else give the TWL 7+ a go on the 250. He had a few of them for sale as demo’s from Axpona.

Thanks. I have 2 cables. One is so thick and unwieldy I could not use it (XStream?). It justs sits in a box. The other works pretty well-AC-3 I think.

The TWL’s are as flexible as a piece of rope to the point that you can roll them up so they can be shipped in a small drawstring bag as they do.