Will the M700 Monoblock amps be able to Drive Apogee Diva's

Hi there, I currently have Apogee Divas with Threshold T800 class A amp and Joule Electra preamp and very much would like to try and buy the Stellar line amp and preamp but not sure if the M700’s will be able to drive the Divas or not and would like recomendations if they will or not. The threshold T800 drives them great but heats up the house and would like to look at the class D amp of the M700 and go all in with the stellar preamp as well. Any thoughts and recomendations would be greatly appreciated. Would I gain anything or lose anything by switching to the stellar line or should I save my pennies and step up to the BHK line instead

ha, that’s part of why I bought the Stellar S300-- too much heat from Class A! (Krell and Forte 1A)

I think Class D has no problem with nasty impedance from planars. I had a tube power amp before and the ribbons on my Maggies kept on blowing power tubes during dense orchestral passages.

Plus try a Kill-A-Watt meter on the Class D amp versus Class A and you’ll see it uses a tenth of the juice. Here in SoCal the price-per-kilowatt keeps on climbing, so add that to the problem of Class A roasting as a reason in favor of getting those M700s. Now I’ve got a summer amp and a winter amp.

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DC offset should be a concern with Divas.

You have nothing to lose by trying them for 30 days, just a hold on the $ on your CC.

I would encourage you to skip the stellar preamp GCD and go for the BHK pre unless you really want the DAC in the Stellar.