Windom: Sound Impressions

I just popped Snowmass 3.06 on today, partly do to a trouble shooting episode. All is well now. Pretty fun to go backwards after being full speed ahead with Sunlight since day 1. My analog DSD board’s LPS needed to be reset. I have them kinda buried, so it wasn’t obvious that the light was not blue/on.

Isn’t it the case that the SD card should not be left in AFTER upgrading or changing firmware? Thought that might have been the problem, before realizing that 2 of 4 LPSs were down. My DSD had not been down until today’s brief power outage.


Hi Neil,

Yes it’s sometimes quite baffling why we have such diverse sonic experiences with the same piece of kit! Although, I would observe that the DAC is the only piece of common kit we have. :smirk: I have B&W 800 Diamonds supplemented with B&W DB1 subs, driven by a pair of Electrocompaniet AW600 monoblocks that are fed directly from the DSDAC. I use a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 to isolate, reclock and convert USB to I2S into the DAC. All this is powered by 3 P10 Powerplants and it’s all in a 6m (20’) X 5m (17’) room that opens to a small entrance foyer behind the speakers and to kitchen area and hallway off to the left speaker side.

I just put it down to the fact that all these factors come into play. I think that many of us have highly resolving systems that are exquisitely sensitive to things like firmware changes in the DAC, let alone other important factors like room and setup. And of course we can’t forget differences in musical preferences.

It’s an equation with many variables but, as you write, so long as we’re happy with what we’re hearing. :relaxed:

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“Ours is not a reason why ours is but to do or die”

Good communicating with you Mike

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