Windows 10 recognize sprout100 as speaker instead of DAC

I have two separate questions:

  1. Windows 10 recognize sprout100 as speaker instead of DAC. This doesn’t affect the operation of the device but decouples the volume control. Instead of the knob control the volume for both device at the same time, now I have to separately control them. I tried to uninstall driver, install drive on this website, none worked.

  2. Let’s say the problem in Q1 can’t be solved. When it comes to volume control, what is the best and why? Keep system volume @ 100 and use knob to adjust, or turn sprout100 to high volume and use system volume to adjust? Is there any difference between them in real life?

I tried to search and saw similar questions but couldn’t figure out the answer myself, sorry if someone asked this already.

It sounds to me like you are confused about how Windows audio interfaces work. DACs are typically recognized as speakers by Windows, see my Sabaj D5:

I would recommend setting Windows volume to 100% and controlling the volume using the knob on your DAC.



Thank you for the reply! I am pretty sure there are other DAC/AMP combos out there that controls windows volume with the knob. For example, I carry a Micca Origen+ with my work laptop whenever I am traveling, and it has such function with its own driver installed. I guess PS audio didn’t add such support in its driver. Maybe it’s something they should consider since people who use sprout100 are almost always pairing it with a PC.

As for Q2, I know having windows up to 100% and using the knob is definitely the best way, but would the other way around produce the same sound? Or having the Sprout100 on high volume produces noise even if the output overall is still low?

I guess you learn something new everyday! I never crossed paths with a DAC that controlled Windows volume.

I believe optimal sound quality will be achieved with 100% Windows volume. You want the highest SNR incoming from you computer because that signal will be [hopefully] inherently noisier than what ever is going on in the Sprout.

Don’t forget you can always test for yourself and pick whats sounds best to your ears!

Merry Christmas,