Wishes for Bridge II

It might be a bit late in the development process but here are the wishes of @oll and also myself for the Bridge II:

- Fast multi core CPU

- Gigabit ethernet

- Up to date (minimal) Linux

- Up to date Flac decoder

- Support for DSD128, DXD and beyond (at least DSD128 and DSD256)

- Gapless support

- Android and IPAD control software

Any other suggestions?

of course DSD over PCM (DoP) is also important…

A big RAM buffer would be nice.

Why wait just get a caps with server 2012 built . It’s not much money and it does it all fantastic. As I am sure there will be a bridge someday I am tooooo old to wait. It will for fill all your desires fast and simple . Fan less about 2 k or less . And of course you could go NAS as well to greatly increase the storage inside .


Ultra fast RAM DDR3 or better :smiley:

  • A completely updateable Bridge II: full Linux updateable + all applications

Bad news from Paul on the Bridge II:

But before we get our hopes up for a reasonable launch date, don’t. While we have working hardware we are now working on that four letter word again CODE. There’s no communication between our front panel board or anything that is able to tie BII to the insides of DirectStream. MUCH work needs to be done and I wouldn’t have the juevos to suggest a finish date. Could be 90 days could be a year. Seriously.

I am really not happy with this news. The DirectStream should have a top notch Bridge II as soon as possible…

adriaan said: Up to date Flac decoder

Decode on the server ;)

and look at the JPlay functionalities like Full memory-based playback, Maximal Priority Scheduling and Hibernate Mode…

Actually. it can be a feature/option, that can be turned on or off: buffer first and forget about the delay or play directly. Or (even better) a configurable cache/buffer.

The problem is: everything takes time, energy and money. Experience shows that the less the Bridge does, the better the sound. The Bridge is located in the same enclosure as the rest of the PWD/DS, they share the same electrical parts, and the power supply will be the same as for Bridge mk1 (unless PSA decides to replace it).

Yes, most ideally the Bridge II would use a separate power supply.

Then why it’s still a bridge ? Just make a server and end it already. Hahaha .


The plan is to offer it both ways. Then the question becomes “what else to put in the box”? and… at what price.

Try to price it < $ 1000 and focus on sound quality with just enough functionality to connect it to a NAS/disk.

Try to price it < $ 1000 and focus on sound quality with just enough functionality to connect it to a NAS/disk.


I’m with you on that.

I also have a few ideas that I am awaiting a few quiet moments with our fearless leader on.

There have not been many of those lately.

I’d bag the whole built in idea since it seems to be a nightmare… just build an external box that actually works. Or just bag the whole thing. There’s too many other companies doing it and doing it well to waste resources if it can’t be done right…

Who says it can’t be done right?

I bought the PWD and the Bridge in order to use a NAS and avoid running a computer to play music. This seems to me an elegant solution and one with possible sonic advantages (less RFI generated by the computer). I very much want a fully functional BII in my PWD or (maybe later) DS, not another box on my audio rack.