Wishes Upcoming PSA DirectStream MKII

Can we use this new thread to express our wishes as to the upcoming DirectStream MKII?

Mine are:

  • Separate linear PSU’s for analogue and digital
  • Faster Xilinx FPGA
  • Better RCA output connectors (maybe from WBT/ETI/Furutech)
  • Better grounding
  • Better voltage regulators (better than the current LM317)
  • High quality output transformer

Thanks for your input in advance.


… and galvanic isolation! :slight_smile:


External fuse access.


Maybe a nice aluminium casing, like Lumin does. But that will blowup the price most likely in the wrong direction…

DSD512 capability; solid streamer that just works all the time


In the SW for the DirectStream Junior there is an Auto selection on the input in which when an input is hit with a signal it automatically switches to that input. For example it will switch from I2S HDMI to digital coax RCA, etc. It’s very handy and I don’t think the current DirectStream has this capability.


If you put a broom in a hole around the back, it sweeps the floor :wink:

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Not to go down the rabbit hole on this one, but consideration of a gain structure that allows the DACll to stand alone without a preamp. I have a DACSR and a BHK, and I am happy, but I have had other DACs with sufficient gain and low noise without the use of preamp. Less could be more.

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and maybe even a connection for an external PSU… like Sbooster or Farad

And of course: Outperforming the competitors Mola Mola Tambaqui and Meitner MA-3 in soundquality :blush:


The Mk2 is for mod makers.
The mission to beat them is TSS :slight_smile:


Hi @Ted,

In the role of PSA customer: what would be your wishes as to the upcoming DirectStream MKII?

Did we forget any key HW features?


How about this for the MKII - a FW upgrade routine that doesn’t leave us with the “did it work / didn’t it work / do I have to hop back to the previous version and try again / do I have to hop back 3-1/2 versions and try again while making sure my toaster isn’t toasting bread at the time” uncertainty?

I’m not sure about adding a smiley face to this one…

FWIW the Mk II schematics were derived from the TSS schematics with careful trimming as opposed to taking the DS schematics and adding features.
Some of the above mentioned suggestions aren’t likely simply because they are very costly.
My goal was to increase the sound quality as much as possible with only a small delta in cost. By integrating the power supplies on board we avoid the costs of separate power supply board, and some wiring harnesses. By having the bridge external we save costs and interference.
The most costly new parts are better audio transformers and a better FPGA. Next most costly are the optional ground lifts on all inputs and outputs. Then options to allow better output level matching in more systems.
These options aren’t sexy, but will make a noticable difference in sound quality.

Yep, this should be a lot better.

Not nearly as useful as it was on the DS. The supplies in the Mk II are already quieter than most external supplies.

As mentioned above this is in the current prototype along with standard output levels and a nonstandard optional 6dB boost in the RCA output.

It’s there, like the Jr.

Streaming function will be external to the DAC. I can’t speak to streaming options which are or might be available.



Yep, yep, yep yep, yep and yep.

I sure hope so.



I am looking forward to its release.


Hi Ted, something that I would like, which you might consider for a later project is that the only reason why I use a preamp is for “cinema mode” i.e. a switched, fixed level line in / line out (bypassing the dac circuitry completely) would be very useful

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Ted, as the Bridge was just an option with the original DS I now speak of the pure DAC alone.

Due to all the HW upgrades, do you expect the Mk II to get considerably higher in price or did prices drop that much for all the improved parts involved?

Thanks Ted!

I can’t answer that. The other changes separate from the cards will very likely save some money: no power supply card, no display card, fewer wiring harnesses, different display…
No parts on the boards got cheaper, tho I’ve chosen some different implementations for some features which cost less.


That’s not a bad idea, it wouldn’t cost much more than the extra connectors. But in principle, each extra switch (whether mechanical or solid state) will degrade the output. I’ll remember this suggestion.