Wishes Upcoming PSA DirectStream MKII

Ted is correct. Our product pricing is based solely on the bill of material and the labor costs.


I would have to think it’s going to be something close to the $7K figure but we won’t know until the BOMs are all finalized, prototypes finished and checked.


I assume therefore the labour costs include those associated with software development?

I would say we’re still on target for year’s end, maybe even a little sooner.


Nope. We never amortize our development costs. Our model for pricing is purely based on a multiple of what it costs us to have that product wind up on the shelf ready for sale.

We spend about $1.5M a year in engineering and some years we produce a lot of new products while in other years not so many. Think about Octave and the 6 years of R and D and software development we’ve invested. There would be no way to amortize those costs in a reasonably priced streamer.

As long as our level of sales remains at an appropriate level the company makes enough money to pay its bills and a small amount of profit which we then reinvest back into the company. Not a a financial model Warren Buffet or Gordon Gekko would approve of but it works for us.


Given what else you could have done with the money, the investment in an own software is a real statement for the dedication in the best possible sounding and usable solution.

I really have respect for this decision, as it could have been so easy to just use something existing as most others who don’t build up a huge staff for this.

For a company with your previous focus, this always seemed to me like building your own FPGA (which one can do, but doesn’t have to for further being successful).

Some make their own transformers, others step into the production of own audiophile semiconductors, others build own chassis for speakers…with SW I always thought, it’s either the core business or it doesn’t play in the upper league. But I bet you will prove the opposite :wink:


Count me in for sooner!

I forgot to say…I’m waiting for the streamer…if the SW works for me, I’m in. Just difficult how to find out in advance.

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I really like honesty in the business world. It relieves strain from peoples mind…


Hi @Ted: there are some more indications on the web that DSD/256 is better than DSD/128.

Do you agree with this and will the MKII with DSD/256 have a more open & transparant sound compared to DSD/128?

Sunlight does DSD256 via I2S so (if you have a quadrate capable I2S output device, e.g. the Matrix) you can judge for yourself.
I tend to stay away from expressing personal preferences, and tho I have some DSD256 (and DSD512) I don’t know the provenance compared the DSD128 and DSD64 I have.

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I am hoping for a generous trade-in offer for existing DSD Sr (and Jr) owners if it at $7k (or more). If it’s only the $2k right now, that will be a tough pill to swallow… I would seriously consider the new Holo May instead (been curious about it, but holding out for DSD Mk II) and keep the DSD Sr with the $5k difference.

I’m certain we’ll offer something very generous for Jr. and Sr. owners.


@jamesh,You can put me on the notification list when the pricing and trade in details are known.

Perfect Weedee, I’ll put you on the list.

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Thanks @jamesh: +me too :smiley:

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Agreed. My upper limit for components is ~4k. With the current pricing and trade-in allowance, my upgrade train has kept its forward momentum. Jumping into the 6k-8k range after trade-in unfortunately sidelines me. Certainly not a pricing criticism, just working within my means.

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Jamesh, please add me to the notification list too!

Jamesh, please add me to the notification list too!

Jamesh, please add me to the notification list of MKII. Thanks,