Wishes Upcoming PSA DirectStream MKII

To me Paul is describing what was to be the replacement for the Bridge II which Ted would not have wanted inside the Mk II. It was always supposed to be a streamer only in a separate case as opposed to the mounted internally Bridge. The Octave software just like the software from the other popular companies will determine it’s interaction with external devices. Unlike the original plan for release it is coming first instead of second behind the Octave server which will now be second. As there are now much more sophisticated “streamer boards” than the one used for the Bridge from companies like Stream Unlimited this is a simpler project.


I agree. I assume it will have IS2 (multiple?), AES, and USB out.

If it’s as solid as I imagine it will be, it may be my next component purchase.

In several previous posts related to the first (cheaper) streaming unit Paul mentioned that it would be possible to connect the unit with the external hard drive. Without that functionality (and possibility to eliminate a computer from the chain), the new unit will be much less appealing to me.

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I would love to see Ted’s name on the MKII as well. So there will be the TSS DAC and there are multiple BHK products (Preamplifier, 250 Amplifier, 300 Amplifier). So why not have a Series of Ted Smith Signature DACs?


If he throws it, I’d even try to catch his sandal :wink:


I like your Ted Smith Signature Series idea applied across the DAC Line, not limited to the TSS. For instance the first 100 DSD II DACs as a limited edition signature series with Ted’s Signature across the front. Black case work with Platinum or Gold Signature. Could be very cool. A nice tip of the hat to Ted’s work on the DAC(s).


I like it!

I 2nd your LIKE !!

I 2 s-ure like it.

This is disappointing news, to say the least… I’ve got an old Windows 7 laptop running my jRiver right now, and it’s literally on it’s death bed. I’ve been keeping it alive until I could replace it with the long-hyped Octave server, but I don’t know how much longer it will make it. If the Octave isn’t available when it dies, I’m going to end up having to go a different direction.

Any estimates of when the actual Octave server will make it to the market?

I have Jriver and it’s a nightmare of a product. Absolutely the worst user interface… and I’m a techie

Their are other options like Roon or Audirvana. Why buy some multi-thousand $$ fixed set-up from an audio company? Go out and spend $500-$600 on a new minimal notebook with a better library manager. In the end you will have more flexibility and more money for music. :sunglasses:

You really don’t want a full blown server directly connected to the DAC via I2S or USB. You want a low noise purpose-built streamer like what Paul is talking about directly connected. The server can connect to the streamer over Ethernet…


Actually, I DO want a full blown server directly connected to the DAC. That’s what PS Audio said they were building, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for.

I want 1 component to be my digital source, replacing my DMP. I don’t want multiple boxes requiring multiple digital interconnects, multiple power cables or individual external power supplies. I could do all that today…

My expectation was that PS Audio was going to build something along the lines of the Aurender N10, but with an I2S output supporting DSD. That’s what I want.


I was using the generic “you”. I have no idea what you think is right or what you actually want. If you want more noise fed into your DAC, go for it…

I think we are all starting to come to the same conclusions:

  1. Digital is really easy to start, stop, enjoy. You don’t need to flip an LP, you don’t need to clean an LP, you don’t need to store an LP. Digital is easier to use.
  2. Really good, approaching LP quality digital, is difficult to obtain, if not impossible to obtain. Most, if not all of us agree that vinyl sounds better then digital in a revealing system.

The myriad of boxes, cables, power supplies that we have tried is staggering.

  1. Clean up your USB signal
  2. Clean up your ethernet signal
  3. Try I2S
  4. Try AES
  5. Fanless server attached to DAC
  6. Server isolated from DAC by a network
  7. Wireless vs Wired
  8. 16/44 vs 24/96 vs 24/192 vs DSD
  9. Upscaling
  10. Modding DAC internals
  11. I know there’s more but you get the point

Many of us, myself included would love a single box, or even just two boxes, that does it all, and does it so it sounds like…vinyl!!!


From my experience, and watching others, vinyl is as difficult and as expensive to be at its competitive best.


I got rid of my vinyl years ago because I though vinyl was too much trouble. Digital was easy back then when streaming did not exist. I had two boxes of Wadia transport/DAC back then and I was happy about just keeping my CDs.

Now with the streaming and all kinds of digital formats and media I realized nothing is easy in the audio universe.

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I can see your point. For me, I’ve kept it simple. But, cartridges, tone arms, isolation, power, stands, cables, pre, tubes, etc… Yet another version of tweak-dom.

Can I put in my two cents worth?

I say if you can, why not have and keep all three formats. Each format can be excellent in it’s own right. some of my favorite recordings are scattered in one format or another, like some quad rate DSD is only with the streamer and I have some 45rpms in vinyl only so is some SACD only in the disc format, so really, I need all three formats to be able to play all my music.

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Any way one finds a good way to listen is fine with me. It is all music.

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